LeBron James and Chris Bosh Staying in Miami? Bosh Says "True"

Ethan Skolnick@@EthanJSkolnickNBA Senior WriterMarch 25, 2014

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Chris Bosh is staying.

Or just playing.

Before the team took off for Indianapolis on Tuesday afternoon, Bosh was a guest on the local South Florida hour of The Dan Le Batard Show, which airs nationally from 4 to 7 p.m. on ESPN Radio. 

Rather than conduct a conventional interview, Le Batard—the longtime Miami Herald columnist—and co-host Jon "Stugotz" Weiner played two games with the Miami Heat forward/center, first asking him to "fill in the blank" and then asking him to answer "true or false." 

The final true-or-false question is the one that will get the most attention.

Le Batard stated that Bosh—who can opt out of his contract after this season—will be in Miami next year.

"True," Bosh answered.

"And so will LeBron...," Le Batard continued.

"True," Bosh replied. 

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While the tone of the interview was light-hearted, and Bosh would have made even bigger news for answering "false," he also could have said "no comment" or "can't answer yet," which would have been consistent with his previous public statements.

Instead, he offered a definitive, one-word affirmative.

Other highlights from the interview:

The toughest part of being a dad: "Changing diapers...When my little daughter smells like a grown man, that's tough, man. Oh boy! Oh my gosh!"

How often people ask him for money: "I've got that down to like once a week, because I won't talk to anybody."

What he values in a friend: "Somebody that has a good time. Doesn't take everything too serious." 

The guy who gets ragged on in the Heat locker room: "Mario Chalmers is cracked on the most, only because we like messing with Rio, and he has a deal with Spalding. He wears Spalding sneakers, so he pretty much walks into every joke possible." 

His best friend on the Heat: "Tie between No. 6 and No. 3." 

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Two guys who clash most on the team: "I think 'Bron and Rio." 

His characterization of his three-plus years in Miami: "A hell of a ride. A hell of a ride so far." 

If he thought, when he first signed, that the Heat would challenge the Bulls' record of 72 wins: "True." 

If Chalmers thinks he is better than James: "Close...but false."

If the Heat want the Pacers: "True." 

If Carmelo Anthony shoots too much: "False."

If he's had screaming arguments with James: "True. Two or three. Not many." 

If he likes the nickname Big Shot Bosh: "I do. I like it. True. I hope it becomes a thing." 

Ethan Skolnick covers the Heat for Bleacher Report.