Questions for Cleveland Browns Coach Eric Mangini Regarding Donte Stallworth

Cory HolibaughCorrespondent IJune 16, 2009

1) Do you believe that NFL players, let alone professional athletes, are getting away with too much these days?

2) If a man is way past being legally intoxicated, is driving over the speed limit, and then hits and kills a man, does he deserve more punishment than Donte Stallworth received?

3) Do you believe that Stallworth deserves punishment from the NFL, in addition to the punishment he received from the courts?

4) How much respect do you have for Stallworth heading into the 2009 season?

5) With all this trouble involving Stallworth, will the Browns make any attempt to get out of his expensive contract?

6) Since Stallworth is not going to jail for a long time, do you believe that he will fit into your offensive system?

7) If he does, where do you expect to see him? If not, will you sit, trade, or cut him?

8) Stallworth has had a past filled with injuries. With so many good receivers on your team, will he see an occasional break, assuming he gets a good amount of playing time?

9) Does having Stallworth back hurt the chances of Brian Robiskie being the second receiver?

10) With yet another talented receiver, the spread offense has the potential to be even more productive. Does this help Brady Quinn's chances of being the starting quarterback?


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