Orioles Draft Joe Flacco's Brother

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IJune 12, 2009

Wouldn’t you know it, the Baltimore Orioles have some PR savvy in the front office. They went out and got Mike Flacco, a third baseman from Catonsville Community College and the brother of Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

Isn’t that deliciously perfect?

The interesting part? Mike Flacco and his brother believe that he is much better than the 926th pick overall. And he is going to be eager to prove it.

“Yeah, I was disappointed that I didn’t go sooner,” said Flacco, the CCBC-Catonsville third baseman. “I thought I did pretty well at my workout at Camden Yards last week. Joe was pretty mad, too. But being ticked off is good motivation.”

So, instead of a feel good story of two brothers playing for the town’s beloved teams, there’s a bit of acrimony towards the Orioles for making Mike Flacco little more than a spoke in the media relations wheel.

If they are savvy enough, local reporters will be more than willing to drive this angst right up to the front gates of Camden Yards, where Joe Flacco will be waiting with a comment along the lines of “What the eff took so long to call him up? You didn’t waste any time with Wieters, and look how he started out.”

This is a happy day for Orioles and Ravens fans who enjoy sap being poured all over their morning headlines. But it’s an even better day for the cynics, who can’t wait for the first step of Mike Flacco’s “Stick it to the Orioles” tour to begin.

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