Duke Fan Trolls UNC Students by Replacing Midterm Notes with Meme

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistFebruary 27, 2014

via Overheard at UNC

The North Carolina-Duke rivalry is so intense that it extends into the classroom.

With many classes at universities relying on the Internet, there can be some issues at times. Google Docs can be very convenient for students, however, things can get messy if a prankster manages to gain access to the Doc.

That's exactly what happened to students at the University of North Carolina.

Students taking the class "History 107: A Survey of Western Europe and the Mediterranean World, 300-1500” who logged on to get notes for their midterm received an unpleasant message. Instead of notes, the students had to stare at the meme above.

That's just harsh.

One North Carolina student had the perfect response, via BroBible:

via Facebook via BroBible
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The Tar Heels and Blue Devils are set to meet again in Durham on March 8.

[Overheard at UNC, h/t Total Frat Move]