NFL: Mock Draft 4/25/2008

Peter BukowskiSenior Analyst IApril 25, 2008

Well, the 2008 draft will shortly be upon us and my mock is already 1-1...well it wasn't that hard given that Jake Long signed earlier this week with the Dolphins to be the #1 pick. As usual, names are all over draft boards and late movement will cause controversy in a number of first round places.

Virginia offensive lineman Brandon Albert has been rocketing up draft boards and teams believe he can play guard or tackle. Florida DE Derrick Harvey seems to be making a comeback into the top 15 as well.

This mock combines what I believe will happen and what I believe ought to happen. Certainly if I believe something will happen that I think shouldn't, I will articulate, or at least attempt to do so, as we go.

I'm pumped, and I hope you are too!

1. Miami Dolphins (1-15) Needs: OL, DL, DB, WR, RB
 Jake Long OT Michigan

Before Bill Parcells put together the staff here Glenn Dorsey seemed like the favorite, now we have learned Jake Long was the Dolphins #1 priority from day one, with Chris Long a close second. Jake Long becomes the highest paid offensive lineman in the game without ever having played a down (What a world it must be).

Long will likely play left tackle for the Dolphins protecting the blindside of whoever it is calling the plays for the 'Phins, more on that in a minute. Long has everything you could ask for from a franchise tackle from a physical standpoint, but he will have to learn quickly how to deal with speed rushers at the NFL level.

Luckily, the AFC East does not have many top-tier outside rushers and Long will certainly benefit from a lighter schedule.

2. St. Louis Rams (3-13) Needs: OT, LB, DB, WR, QB
 Glenn Dorsey DT LSU

The Rams could really shake up the top of this draft. The New Orleans Saints desperately would like to get their hands on either Dorsey or USC's Sedrick Ellis and have been talking with the Rams about doing exactly that. The Falcons would love to be able to pass on Matt Ryan, get Dorsey and then take Brian Brohm (Of whom they are particularly fond).

However, the only way that seems likely is if they can get into this second spot. Regardless of who is picking at #2, Glenn Dorsey will almost certainly be the pick. The Rams need an end more than a tackle, but drafting Dorsey would mean they could move last year's first round pick Adam Carriker to his natural end position.

Whichever team lands the top defensive player in the draft will be getting one of the most disruptive forces in college football in recent memory.  That’s assuming he can stay healthy.

3. Atlanta Falcons (4-12) Needs: QB, OL, DT, LB, WR, S
 Matt Ryan QB Boston College

Matt Ryan is at least third on the list of players the Falcons would prefer to draft here with J.Long and Dorsey topping the list. If the Falcons could convince the Rams to flip flop picks for a third rounder or something similar, the Falcons could land Dorsey and the Rams could get Long, leaving Carriker to play DT.

That seems like a best-case scenario for both teams, but it is the NFL and things almost never make that much sense. Here, the Falcons get the top quarterback on the board and a face of the franchise. And guess what? The team Matt Ryan will go to have a stable of backs, none of whom are talented enough to be featured, to go along with an average set of receivers, and an OK offensive line...sound familiar?

BC football fans are nodding.

4. Oakland Raiders (4-12) Needs: OL, WR, SS, DL, DB
 Darren McFadden RB Arkansas

The smart bet seems like to draft Chris Long at a position of need, taking the son of a former Raider great and immediately endearing yourselves to your fan base once again. Not Al Davis. While this may aggravate old school Raider fans, to be fair, Chris Long does not need the added pressure of playing for the same team his father made a Hall of Fame career with.

Instead, the silver and black will get this draft's most explosive player and a potential game changer. It is not as though the Raiders already paid Justin Fargas to be their franchise running back, or have Dominic Rhodes, Lamont Jordan, or Michael Bush on their roster...nope that is exactly what they have.

This would be the first really bonehead play of the first round and surprise surprise, Al Davis and co. will likely make it.

5. Kansas City Chiefs (4-12) Needs: OL, DL, WR, QB, DB
  Chris Long DE Virginia

I keep hearing Brandon Albert and I simply do not see it, particularly if Sedrick Ellis and/or Chris Long are still on the board. The Chiefs fell in love with Ellis at the Senior Bowl and would love to add him to their roster. However, having trading Jared Allen, defensive end suddenly becomes a huge position of weakness and Long happens to also be the best player on the board.

Long and Allen have similar games and ironically the Chiefs will likely have to pay Long similar money. As silly as it seems to trade your best defensive end and then draft one in the top 5, the Chiefs will not be able to pass up the chance to draft the best pass rusher in the draft.

The offensive tackles in the AFC West are weak and Long could have a monster season for the Chiefs.

6. New York Jets (4-12) Needs: DL, WR, CB, QB, TE
 Vernon Gholston DE Ohio State

The Jets would love to get McFadden here, but short of a trade into the top 3, the Jets will have to settle for the defensive player with the highest ceiling in this draft. New York loves this former Buckeye and Gholston probably sits at #2 on the Jets wish list. The former Buckeye has been compared to hybrids like DeMarcus Ware and Shawne Merriman with his outstanding athletic tools and physical presence.

Jake Long will not like to see this pick by the Jets, as Gholston was one of the only players in college able to give Long trouble. This pairing would set up awesome match ups and would give us a reason to watch a Jets Dolphins game.

7. New England Patriots F/ 49ers Needs: CB, LB, S, RB, OL
  Keith Rivers LB USC

Fans in the Northeast were salivating at the idea of going undefeated and then having the opportunity to draft a player like Darren McFadden. After wiping the taste of Super Bowl defeat out of their mouths, Patriots fans must deal with the reality that their defense has aged considerably and they lost two of the most dependable players in their secondary.

The linebacking core could use an overhaul and Keith Rivers would be a perfect fit. Rivers plays aggressive, smart football and has the kind of versatility and instincts Bill Belichik loves. A corner would be nice, but Leodis McKelvin has been falling back down draft boards to some degree and people seem to be acknowledging what I have been saying for weeks that Rivers is worthy of a top 10 pick.

8. Baltimore Ravens (5-11) Needs: QB, CB, WR, OL, LB
  Sedrick Ellis DT USC

The Cincinnati Bengals really have to hope the Ravens try to trade up to get Matt Ryan. A trade to get into the 3 spot with the Falcons would allow Atlanta to draft Sedrick Ellis and then Brian Brohm while allowing the Ravens to get Ryan. Again, this would make far too much sense. Instead, the Ravens will likely miss out on Matt Ryan and draft the best player available.

Leodis McKelvin would be a definite possibility here as well, but the Ravens like to draft the best player available and Ellis represents top five talents. Ellis may not 3-4 nose tackle and could move to end in the Ravens scheme.

Rex Ryan will love to have this former Trojan because he can flat out wreck havoc in opposing backfields.

9. Cincinnati Bengals (7-9) Needs: LB, DL, OL, WR, S
  Ryan Clady OT Boise State

This would be truly worst-case scenario for the Bengals with Rivers and Ellis both gone. Derrick Harvey would be considered, but no other player at a position of need deserves to go this high. Instead, the Bengals will try to keep Carson Palmer upright, even if we do not yet know if he'll be upright throwing to Ocho Cinco or not.

Clady has the potential to be the top pass-blocker in this draft and with the tackles for the Bengals getting up in age, an upgrade here with the second best offensive lineman in the draft will be a welcome addition. Brandon Albert may draw consideration because of his ability to play either guard or tackle; however I do not see him as a top 10 pick.

10. New Orleans Saints (7-9) Needs: DT, CB, TE, S, WR
  Leodis McKelvin CB Troy

Linebacker, defensive tackle, and corner were the top needs entering the off-season and the Saints addressed those needs acquiring Jonathan Vilma from the Jets, signed Dan Morgan form the Panthers and Randall Gay from the Patriots. Defensive tackle remains a question and for that reason, the Saints have been actively trying to move into a position to take either Sedrick Ellis or Glenn Dorsey.

Unless they can get into the top 8, that seems particularly unlikely. A flip flop with the Ravens could land the Saints with Ellis and the Ravens with McKelvin, an advantageous move for both teams, but that move would only happen if Ellis remained on the board at #8 and Matt Ryan had been picked. As a result, the Saints draft the top corner in the draft to play opposite Mike McKenzie.

Randall Gay really should be playing the nickel corner spot like he did with New England, which makes the #2 corner spot a perfect place for McKelvin. The Saints need a play maker in the secondary and McKelvin has that kind of dynamic ability. He could also take some pressure off of Reggie Bush in the return game.

11. Buffalo Bills (7-9) Needs: WR, TE, CB, DE, LB
 Devin Thomas WR Michigan State

Last year, the Bills made it no secret they wanted Cal RB Marshawn Lynch and were willing to reach for him at #12. Buffalo desperately wants a big, physical receiver opposite Lee Evans and while Thomas does not have the physical stature of a Limas Sweed or Malcolm Kelly, at 6-2 215 pounds a guy who can run a 4.4 40 can really help an offense at the bottom in the league in just about every passing related category.

A corner like Mike Jenkins or Dominic Rodgers-Cromartie or DE Derrick Harvey will be considered here as well, but the Bills really like Thomas and believe he is the best player to help their offense. Thomas and Evans will form a dynamic former Big Ten duo and give Trent Edwards more weapons in the passing game.

12. Denver Broncos (7-9) Needs: DT, LB, OL, WR, CB
 Chris Williams OT Vanderbilt

If this scenario were to play out, the Broncos would like have a difficult choice. The Broncos are rumor to believe Vanderbilt OT Chris Williams to be the #2 tackle in the draft even ahead of Ryan Clady. However, as I've stated, Brandon Albert's stock has been soaring and the two headed monster at ESPN believe Albert could even be a top 5 pick.

Mike Shanahan has a tendency to fall for players and draft them regardless of position (see Jay Cutler). Denver's run defense was atrocious last year and defensive tackle and linebacker represent much bigger needs. However, Jerod Mayo or Kentwan Balmer does not warrant consideration here at 12. If the Broncos decide not to go Williams, a running back like Mendenhall or Stewart could be an option.

The Broncos seem to be very high on Stewart, a trade down to grab him later could even be a possibility if a team wants to move up to grab a Richard Mendenhall or Brandon Albert. Otherwise, Chris Williams seems like the odds-on pick here.

13. Carolina Panthers (7-9) Needs: WR, DL, QB, S, TE
 Derrick Harvey DE Florida

Even before Kris Jenkins left for New York and Mike Rucker left for the golf course, defensive end was a big need for the Panthers. Julius Peppers had not been the same dominant player while Jenkins and Rucker have shown their age.

Brandon Albert will look very tempting for a team with questions along the offensive line, but Harvey fills a bigger need on this defense. John Fox wants to get after the quarterback and with Steve Smith and DeAngelo Williams already on offense; the defense needs a play maker more than the offense needs a guard.

Derrick Harvey was one of the few players in college to give Jake Long problems and he will get a chance right away to try and make an impact rushing the passer. Harvey has tremendous talent and could make life for Julius Peppers much easier.

14. Chicago Bears (7-9) Needs: QB, G, T, RB, WR, S
 Brandon Albert G/T Virginia

The only downside for the Bears getting Albert here is that they can't draft him twice. The Bears need a new running back and quarterback, but neither would be any good without some improvement upfront. The Bears need help at guard and tackle, and Olin Kruetz is not getting any younger at center.

No quarterback warrants consideration here, but Richard Mendenhall would be a great fit particularly with his Illinois connection, however the Bears staff will likely be wary or drafting another running back in the first round with the way Cedric Benson has played. The Bears could look to move up to grab Matt Ryan, but Chicago brass has stated clearly that they are not looking for a quarterback in round one.

That makes Brandon Albert, or the best offensive lineman available on their board the likely pick.

15. Detroit Lions (7-9) Needs: OL, DE, RB, TE, LB, DB
 Richard Mendenhall RB Illinois

Offensive tackle and a rush end certainly represent bigger needs for the Lions, but with the Lions looking to emphasize the running game even more this year, the former Illini stud running back just makes too much sense. Mendenhall has the physical running style Rod Marinelli loves and the capabilities to hit the home run they have not had since Barry Sanders.

Jeffrey Otah would make sense here to bolster the Lions offensive line situation, and it would be too high for Clemson DE Phillip Merling. Mendenhall has the highest value here and the Lions could take a cue from their division rival Vikings to draft an impact rookie running back.

16. Arizona Cardinals (8-8) Needs: OL, DL, LB, RB, CB
  Mike Jenkins CB South Florida

Arizona would love to see Derrick Harvey or Keith Rivers to fall, but that seems highly unlikely. It now appears the Cards will take the best corner available to fill the void left when Antrel Rolle moved to safety. Dominic Rodgers-Cromartie out of Tennessee State could be the higher rated corner on the board in this spot and as a result, could be the selection.

Jenkins is the more polished and physical corner, although both possess excellent athleticism and talent. Phillip Merling or Jonathan Stewart could also be considered here, but it may be too high for both. Jenkins will have his hands full trying to covering Tory Holt and Deion Branch in the West, but will be an upgrade for the Cardinals secondary and help out a lackluster pass-defense.

17. Kansas City Chiefs f/ Vikings Needs: OL, WR, CB, DL, QB
 Jeffrey Otah OT Pittsburgh

K.C. gets Minnesota's 17th pick here in the Jared Allen trade and will likely take the best tackle available. This massive Pittsburgh product would instantly provide some youth and talent to an aging offensive front. Both Brody Croyle/Damon Huard and Larry Johnson would love to see Otah in this spot.

Otah could be a monster in the run game and has the potential to be a stud run blocker in the NFL. The Chiefs could draft a wide receiver here to go with Dwayne Bowe, or DRC to bolster their defensive backfield, but the needs along the offensive line are simply too much.

Otah has the body and talent to be a rookie starter in the trenches and the Chiefs desperately need him.

18. Houston Texans (8-8) Needs: OL, DB, RB, WR, LB
 Dominic Rodgers-Cromartie Tennessee State

The Texans will likely agonize over this decision with Jonathan Stewart still on the board as well. However, I believe they will decide not to add another running back with injury problems. DRC has unparalleled athletic talent and could be the kind of difference maker in the defensive backfield the Texans need.

The Texans added Jacque Reeves in the off-season but still lack a premier talent in the secondary. Rodgers-Cromartie could play corner or safety, and the Texans could experiment using him in a number of positions. DRC's versatility will make him a steal here and assuming he can adjust to NFL defensive schemes, the Texans could be getting a premier play maker at 18.

19. Philadelphia Eagles (8-8) Needs: WR, S, OL, TE, LB
  Jerod Mayo LB Tennessee

Donovan McNabb may not like this pick and a player like Cal's DeSean Jackson would be a brilliant move here, giving the Eagles a receiver with return ability and big play capabilities. However, the Eagles prefer bigger receivers and feel as though they have bigger needs else where.

Safety and offensive line could be more pressing issues, but with Otah gone and neither Arkansas State's Tyrelle Johnson nor Miami's Kenny Phillips warrant consideration here. Mayo has been blasting up draft boards with his speed and tenacity, although may still be a reach here.

DeSean Jackson makes more sense to me, but Mayo would help a defense that struggled to consistently get stops last season.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-7) Needs: CB, WR, LB, OL, RB
 DeSean Jackson WR California

If the Eagles fail to act on one of the most explosive players in the draft, be sure the Bucs will. Jackson was a star in the Pac-10 returning kicks, a department in which the Buccaneers have been historically inept. Outside of Grandpa Galloway, Tampa Bay has virtually no dynamic component to its offense. Michael Clayton has not been the same receiver since his rookie season and "Cadillac Williams" has been in the shop too much to make an impact.

The Bucs were a playoff team in a weak conference last season and with an upgrade on the perimeter, they could be there again. Jackson would give Jeff Garcia another deep threat and has the kind of talent to take a bubble screen 80 yards to the house. Not only would it help Jeff Garcia, but it would make Clayton and Galloway's job much easier.

21. Washington Redskins (9-7) Needs: DL, WR, OL, DB, LB
 Phillip Merling DE Clemson

I am sure the Redskins would gladly give up this pick to get Chad Johnson, but the Bengals have seemingly ended that possibility. Still, the Redskins would like to get a wide receiver in the first round and Malcolm Kelly or Limas Sweed definitely will draw consideration.

Ultimately though, I believe the Redskins will look to bolster their defensive line with Merling. The former Clemson stand-out would give tenacity and toughness to an aging Redskin pass-rush. I would not be surprised to see a receiver here, although both Kelly and Sweed carry second round grades on some boards.

Merling's ability has been overblown by some, but he should have value here. Kentwan Balmer could also go here if the 'Skins decide to go defensive line.

22. Dallas Cowboys F/ Browns (13-3) Needs: DB, DT, MLB, RB, OL
 Felix Jones RB Arkansas

With Darren McFadden long off the board, Jerry Jones will have to settle for his former-Razorback running back Felix Jones. The Cowboys got Pacman Jones from the Titans earlier this week, but there is no assurance he can be anything close to the player he was before being suspended.

That could mean a corner in this spot, but with two first round picks Jones will take a gamble here. Jones could be a big boost behind Marion Barber and would be an upgrade in the return game as well. Jones' speed and elusiveness will compliment Barber's violent, power running style. With Barber softening defenses all game, Jones could break big plays in the second half of games with tired legs on defense.

This does not correspond to Jones' value, but the fit is perfect and it makes too much sense not to happen...then again it is Jerry Jones.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6) Needs: OT, S, WR, OLB, DE
 Jonathan Stewart RB Oregon

Willie Parker's broken fibula has to concern the Steelers and although problems along the offensive front and depth in the receiving core remain an issue, the Steeler's offensive game has always been predicated on a solid running game. Stewart will not make people remember Jerome Bettis, but he is a huge, physical back with enough speed to make the big play, as well as the hands to be versatile in the passing game.

Willie Parker's health could bring concerns about his ability to carry the load. Malcolm Kelly or Limas Sweed will be considered, however neither would bring the kind of insurance and upgrade Stewart could in the backfield.

The Oregon running back has been dropped down boards because of his toe surgery, however he seems to be coming back up and may not even fall this far.

24. Tennessee Titans (10-6) Needs: WR, CB, LB, DT, OL
 Limas Sweed WR Texas

A few weeks ago if you had said Malcolm Kelly would be on the board when the Titans were picking I would have laughed. Now, not only could he be there, but the Titans could actually pass on him in favor of Limas Sweed. The Titans badly need a true No. 1 for Vince Young and Sweed hit the map with VY on their way to the National Championship.

The Titans could use help at corner and linebacker as well, however Sweed or Kelly just seem too good to pass up here. Both are big strong receivers, but Sweed has better speed and was more productive for longer at Texas.

Ultimately, the Titans will have to add a play maker to their offense, and it should be Sweed here.

25. Seattle Seahawks (10-6) Needs: WR, TE, DB, OL, LB
 Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma

If the Titans pass on Kelly, do not expect the Seahawks to waste any time picking up him. The 'Hawks lost D.J. Hackett to the Carolina Panthers and Deion Branch's knee remains a question. Kelly's stock has dipped since a disappointing work out, however Kelly has big time size and hands.

He could be a good fit for the West Coast system and will certainly be a threat in the red zone. Taking the once #1 rated receiver here at 25 would be a steal for the Seahawks to add a weapon for Matt Hasslebeck. It seemed a lock to take a running back in this spot, but with the top backs gone and the addition of Julius Jones, that seems significantly less likely now. Purdue's Dustin Keller or USC's Fred Davis could also be picks here as Mike Holmgren has not had a consistent tight end since he came to the Pacific Northwest.

If Kelly is here however, he should be the pick.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5) Needs: DL, LB, S, WR, CB
 Kentwan Balmer DT North Carolina

The Jacksonville Jaguars may take a cue from the Kansas City Chiefs and draft a player to fill the void left by a traded defensive stalwart. The Jaguars traded Marcus Stroud to the Bills in the off-season and now have a giant gap along the defensive front. Kentwan Balmer had a phenomenal senior season at UNC when he finally lived up to his potential. Balmer has pass-rush skills and can anchor against the run as well.

Receiver and linebacker are also concerns, but neither Indiana's James Hardy nor Michigan's Mario Manningham really fit here. Balmer could also play end if necessary, although his more natural position would be at tackle. He would seriously benefit from playing next to John Henderson who will draw extra attention.

27. San Diego Chargers (11-5) Needs: DB, MLB, DL, LB, RB
 Calais Campbell DE Miami (Florida)

San Diego has the luxury of drafting just about anyone in this spot. The Chargers have very few holes on their team and look to just add depth. Corner could certainly be the pick and Aqib Talib would be a great addition next to Antonio Cromartie. However, the Chargers have been looking to add a powerful defensive end to their defense and Campbell fits this team perfectly.

Campbell could really thrive as an end in the Chargers 3-4 system using his massive frame to open lanes for others, while using his quickness to get to the QB himself. The Chargers could use a running back to go alongside LT, but with the top backs gone, it is too high to reach on guys like Chris Johnson and Jamaal Charles.

Campbell has the talent to be a force, particularly with guys like Phillips and Merriman drawing so much attention around him.

28.Dallas Cowboys (13-3) Needs: DB, DT, MLB, OL
 Aqib Talib CB Kansas

As I've stated, Pacman Jones certainly does not solve the Cowboys problems in the defensive backfield. James Hardy or Mario Manningham could be higher on Jerry Jones' priority list, however, Talib has much more value here than either wide receiver. Talib's ball skills are second to none in this draft and would be a welcome change from the stone hands of Roy Williams.

The Cowboys secondary has been wildly overrated so it would make sense they take another overrated corner prospect here. The difference is, they will be stealing him rather than reaching for him at 28. Talib probably will not be the shut down corner his press clippings would lead you to believe, but he could be a solid corner and has the kind of play making ability Jerry Jones loves.

Talib is a perfect fit for the Cowboys.

29. San Francisco 49ers F/ Colts (5-11) Needs: OL, WR, DL, S, OLB
 Gosder Cherilus OT Boston College

San Francisco should be picking #7, but traded for Joe Staley last year and only makes it back into the first round following a trade with Colts. Mike Nolan's job will be on the line and with new offensive coordinate Mike Martz, it will be up to the offense to pick up the slack on a team that had no offensive identity last season other than "sloppy."

The 49ers have not had an explosive receiver since TO left and could really use one here so James Hardy and Mario Manningham remain options. However, the 49ers got DeShaun Foster and have Frank Gore and will need to open lanes up to ease the burden on Alix Smith.

Gosder Cherilus disappointed to some degree as a senior, but has the physical tools to be a mauler at tackle. The 49ers pick again at the top of the second and should have a chance to add a solid wide receiver there, something I expect them to do.

30. Green Bay Packers (13-3) Needs: CB, TE, OL, LB, DE
 Brandon Flowers CB Virginia Tech

Green Bay has the opportunity here to do a number of things. They could take the best safety in this class and bolster their depth at the position. They could take the best tight end in the class and give Aaron Rodgers another weapon on a team full of play makers. They could also take an offensive lineman like Sam Baker to add depth behind the aging tackles already in place.

However, with the way Eli Manning torched this vaunted Packer secondary, I expect to see the physical former Hokie at this spot. Flowers could be a top 15 pick if he had run a little faster at the combine. He plays the the kind of physical confident man to man game that the Packers have made so successful with Al Harris and Charles Woodson.

Depth at the position is not great, and at the very least Flowers could well be in a nickel/dime role and a big contributor on special teams right away.

31.New York Giants (10-6) Needs: LB, DB, WR, OL
 Kenny Phillips S Miami (Florida)

Superb depth may not be the reason the Giants won the Super Bowl, but they will get to add depth here with the 31st pick. Without a true glaring need, the Giants can take whomever they feel has the most value here. A linebacker like Penn State's Dan Connor would upgrade an overachieving line backing core.

However, Phillips makes the most sense with the loss of Gibril Wilson. The former Hurricane was considered a top 15 pick before disappointing work outs and a sub-standard junior campaign. Phillips was a great defensive player at Miami as a sophomore and has enough potential to be a solid safety for the Giants.

 New York has plenty of defensive backs, just none about whom you can really be excited. Phillips has that element in his game and can bring some excitement and tenacity to this already stellar Giants defense.

New England Patriots 16-0
 Forfeit pick: Cheating

32.) Miami Dolphins - Chad Henne QB Michigan
The first thing new administrations tend to do is get their guy at QB...this is "their guy" sorry John Beck

33.) St. Louis Rams - Dan Connor LB Penn State
Rams get first round talent to fill one of their biggest needs, and a guy who knows how to win.

34.) Kansas City Chiefs - Brian Brohm QB Louisivlle
Brohm's accuracy and poise just too good to pass up for a team clearly rebuilding.

35.) Atlanta Falcons F/ Raiders - Sam Baker OT USC
Falcons get a guy to protect Matt Ryan's blindside, one of the best pass-blockers in the draft.

36.) New York Jets - James Hardy WR Indiana
The Jets like Cotchery, but Coles is not getting any younger and Clemmens needs help.

37.) Atlanta Falcons - Curtis Lofton LB Oklahoma
New head coach Mike Smith will love Lofton's toughness and smarts for his new defense.

38.) Baltimore Ravens - Joe Flacco QB Delaware
Having missed out on Matt Ryan, the Ravens take the guy second on many draft boards.

39.) San Francisco 49ers - Early Doucet WR LSU
49ers get the receiver they fell in love with at the Senior Bowl to help out Alix Smith

40.) New Orleans Saints - Dustin Keller TE Purdue
Keller brings another dimension to the Saints already potent offense in the only area it lacked.

41.) Buffalo Bills - Fred Davis TE USC
nother weapon for Trent Edwards to go along with Lynch and Evans to get down the middle.

42.) Denver Broncos - Pat Sims DT Auburn
Broncos may have traded for a DT, but their defense really was THAT bad against the run.

43.) Carolina Panthers - Tyrelle Johnson S Arkansas State
Johnson has been rising quickly on boards and fills a big void in the Panther's secondary.

44.) Chicago Bears - Mario Manningham WR Michigan
The Bears have NO receivers and Manningham is used to playing to playing with erratic QB's.

45.) Detroit Lions - Quinten Groves DE Auburn
Groves fits the 3-4 scheme better, but he can really get after the QB with ferocity.

46.) Cincinnati Bengals - Lawrence Jackson DE USC
Bad luck with USC DE's will not keep the Bengals from adding the versatile Trojan end.

47.) Minnesota Vikings - Jordy Nelson WR Kansas State
With no real #1, Nelson will be a good possession compliment to the deep speed of Berrian.

48.) Atlanta Falcons F/Texans - Tracy Porter CB Indiana
Having traded DeAngelo Hall, the Falcons add another speedy corner with big-play ability.

49.) Philadelphia Eagles -Lavelle Hawkins WR Cal
Hawkins' big-play talent and return potential makes him a good fit despite his lack of size.

50.) Arizona Cardinals - Chris Johnson RB East Carolina
The Edge is not getting any younger and Johnson could be the back of the future in Glendale.

51.) Washington Redskins - Chilo Rachal G USC
Redskins get the best guard in the draft not named Brandon Albert at the bottom of the second.

52.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Reggie Smith CB/S Oklahoma
Smith's strength and versatility make him a perfect fit to thrive in the Tampa 2.

53.) Pittsburgh Steelers - Justin King CB Penn State
No real value at WR or OL means the best corner left to keep up with the WR's in the AFC.

54.) Tennessee Titans - Cliff Avril DE/OLB Purdue
Needing help at both defensive line and linebacker, the Titans add a player who can play both.

55.) Seattle Seahawks - Jamaal Charles RB Texas
Even with Julius Jones and Mo' Morris, the Seahawks would love to get big-play specialist.

56.) Green Bay Packers F/ Browns - Martellus Bennett TE Texas A&M
The best blocking tight end in the draft would help Ryan Grant as well as A-Rod in the red zone.

57.) Miami Dolphins F/ Chargers - Trevor Laws DT/DE Notre Dame
One of the most productive lineman in college football will be perfect for the Dolphins 3-4 D.

58.) Jacksonville Jaguars - Antoine Cason CB/S Arizona
In the AFC, you can never have too many DB's, especially when Indianpolis is in your division.

59.) Indianapolis Colts - Dre Moore DT Maryland
Colts are still looking for a long-term solution at tackle and Moore has plenty of potential.

60.) Green Bay Packers - Anthony Collins OT Kansas
Collins size and agility make him too good to pass up, adding depth to an aging tackle group.

61.) Dallas Cowboys - Andre Caldwell WR Florida
Caldwell can be extremely productive with Romo and company taking the focus.

62.) New England Patriots - Ray Rice RB Rutgers
Value pick with the Pats looking to eventually replace Kevin Faulk and give Maroney some rest.

63.) New York Giants - Xavier Adibi LB Virginia Tech
No real value at other positions of need make one of the best linebackers in the draft the choice.