Cleveland Cavaliers Have No Chance in the Playoffs: Look Again

Justin LadaCorrespondent IApril 25, 2008

The Cavaliers are in playoff time. Playoff time is like a whole new season for any NBA team, and it certainly makes LeBron James turn into a whole different animal.

This time around the Cavaliers, after getting to the NBA Finals last season, have a harder road. They face a Washington team with a lot of fire because there is some serious bad blood between the two teams.

If the Cavaliers are to get past Washington for the third straight year in a row, the likely opponent in the Eastern Conference Semi Finals would be the Boston Celtics.

Washington is not an easy opponent because they know each other very well. The Cavaliers have had the Wizards’ number, but this year they are a different team.  With the big trade, the Cavaliers return just two starters from last year’s NBA Finals roster.

The Cavaliers had a hard time meshing as a team after the trade thanks to injuries and an unsettled rotation. The Cavaliers have handled the Wizards in the past, and most people believe that can this season.

If the Cavaliers get out of the first round, which is a decently safe bet, they would have to meet the team with the best record in the NBA, the Celtics.

Boston has a revamped team with their own MVP candidate, Kevin Garnett, to go with Ray Allen and long time Celtic Paul Pierce. If they should get there, the Cavaliers acquired Ben Wallace for this matchup.

If most people believe the Cavaliers will win their first round matchup, Wallace will have to stick to Garnett like glue for the Cavaliers to have a chance. Wallace is a serious liability on the offensive end, and his minutes are limited for that.  

But if this ends up being the matchup, he may have to play extended minutes to keep Garnett in check. The ‘X’ factor in the series could not only be usually LeBron James, and how he handled the double teams the Celtics would throw at him but Delonte West.

West played with the Celtics before being traded to Seattle, as did Wally Sczerbiak. The Cavaliers will need some help from those two with their knowledge of Doc Rivers system.  Some of the players that are still there include Pierce.

Not many people will give the Cavaliers a chance in this series, but James is a whole different beast come playoff time.  Don’t forget he does have a nice-sized feud built with Pierce.

The Cavaliers to win this series will not be able to lose a home game, as they will not have home court advantage this series.

But the Cavaliers were able to destroy the Pistons.  James, by himself in game five on the road and with a more talented roster, showed it is ready to go in the first two games of round one.  All it takes is one road win.

The Cavaliers will have a tough match.  They might have a better chance of beating Boston than Detroit thanks to their size and having arguably the best finisher in the NBA.

The Cavaliers would more than likely face Detroit in the final around of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. Now the Cavaliers have a new team this season to face the Pistons.

The Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, and the injured Sasha Pavlovich led team will not be here this time. The Cavaliers will again need Wallace to be able to thwart his old teammates and help them through it. 

They will need someone like Daniel Gibson to get hot again to help James when the double teams come into the paint. The Cavaliers have a much better chance to beat the Pistons than the Celtics for one reason. 2007.

The Cavaliers are in their head. James has the edge with this team now. James has more fire than ever before, after leading the NBA in scoring and having plenty of expectations this season.  

He would love the opportunity to show everyone that he is the best player in the NBA.  No one else wants to give the Cavaliers a shot to take some of the powerhouses this season in the NBA, but James and company say otherwise.