Brettribution 2009: Farve Is in Dire Need Of Some Klingon Wisdom

Mimi McCannCorrespondent IJune 11, 2009

12 Nov 2000:  Brett Favre # 4 of the Green Bay Packers sits on the bench after spraining his ankle in the third quarter at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Mandatory Credit: Eliot Schechter/ALLSPORT

Last July, I was a moth, and the hysteria of "The Itch" was the flame.  

The saga of a franchise quarterback leaving, returning, and being driven from a team after he had been not only their face, but their heart and soul, was too much for me to avoid.

I watched it from the minute it began.

Quite frankly, I could have watched even more coverage. From the jet from Hattiesburg, the SUV motorcade, to Scott Hansen standing outside of the training facility with a stick mic in his hand, listing the Packer quarterbacks who had reported to camp as the red SUV driven by Favre rolled out of the compound.

The rumors that Favre was going to the Grampa Bay Packineers followed and finally, Favre emerged as Brett the Jet.

Once the season began, my interest began to wane.  My favorite team was in the news, so the attention that I had for the Favre story had all but evaporated. My feeling on the matter became, "Just don't let him get hurt—his family will be devastated." 

I believe that I even forgot to check the Jets' progress after Week Two.

I recall that the gist of the season was a strong start, weak finish, talk of injury, talk of another retirement, and finally talk of criticism from former teammates. It felt like Favre had given football his best and that this time, he would realize that his best days were truly behind him.

That seems to be exactly what happened.  

The days of Favre's past became the focus of his present and another plot for a return soon began to congest yet another offseason. In April of this year, Favre asked the Jets for his release. 

Favre's itch was back again. But this time, his irritation looked to be caused by a need for all out revenge against the Pack. The need for revenge can be a powerful motivating force. Quentin Tarantino's monumental film "Kill Bill" is a four-hour meditation on revenge and its history in film. 

Favre need only watch the first five minutes of the first movie and he could glean some advise on the subject that may serve him well as he prepares for the 2009 NFL season.

It looks to be payback enough for Favre to play for a hated division rival, the Minnesota Vikings. But, really, how sweet will a potential two victories and a division title be?

Favre could dial down the revenge rage, return to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, pull on his Wranglers, throw a football to his pals in a field dappled with mud puddles, and still get even with Ted Thompson.  

If Aaron Rodgers follows in the footsteps of so many quarterbacks like the great Scott Hunter, the guy who took over from Bart Starr, Favre's work is done, even if Favre took a year off.  

Maybe a team like the Raiders will take him, T.O., Chad Ouchostinko, Plaxico Burress, and Pac Man Jones. Favre can be like Rudolph, leading all of the misfit toys to a Super Bowl triumph over Aaron Rodgers and his Packers.

Well, maybe that scenario is less than feasible but, how would Favre in a Vikings uniform have sounded to Packers fans right before their fearless leader took to the field in arctic conditions at Lambeau in the NFC Championship in 2007?

I would prefer the first scenario.

I would love to see Brett Favre let his legacy exact revenge on the Packers, if revenge is what he wants.

It may take some time, but in the wisdom of the ancient Klingon Proverb that opens Kill Bill: "Revenge is a dish best served cold."


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