Hilarious Pics of People Who Thought They Met a Famous Athlete

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 20, 2014

Hilarious Pics of People Who Thought They Met a Famous Athlete

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    There is nothing like taking a picture with an actual celebrity, sidling up to the famous as if you went back years. Well, there is something similar, because you could always take a photo with someone who isn't famous.

    I remember walking up one aisle in Whole Foods some time ago and noticing Fred Ward, an actor whom only a certain subsection of movie nerd might appreciate.

    The star of Tremors, Remo Williams and Summer Catch (don't judge, because that movie has a certain adorable stupidity) was picking out food right before me. Or was he?

    The one thing I didn't do was go up and greet this B-list celebrity without the aid of confidence that Ward was indeed shopping in front of me.

    Oh, but some people don't quibble with such worries, because they go and snap photos, ask for autographs and fawn away, even though the target of their affection might not be an actual celebrity.

    Here is a brief breakdown of the hilarity that ensues when people don't stop to think, Hey, maybe that's not Roger Federer.

Not Dwight Howard

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    That there is an adorable photo of a bunch of elated ladies taking a picture with a perfect stranger. The smiles adorning their faces are due to the fact they think the tall man in the middle is Dwight Howard.

    For those of you who know what Dwight Howard looks like, you know what we are about to say next. That is not Howard.

    That didn't stop Instagram user _glossylipsss15 (Was _glossylipsss14 taken?) from uploading this picture with the following caption:

    My sisters and I with NBA Superstar Dwight Howard!!! We really enjoyed our encounter with him despite not knowing his name until looking him up as he said to, LOL! He was really nice, super cool, HUMBLE, and had us laughing too! #DwightHoward#AlexisAlleyAlbany❤️

    We have no clue exactly what went down, but we assume the ladies were sure this guy was the NBA big man and he just decided to embrace a rule of improv comedy and just say yes. Bleacher Report's Kyle Newport spotted a comment from Howard letting this woman know that the man is an impostor, but the Instagram post still stands tall.

    And we absolutely love that fact.

Fake Roger Federer

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    This may very well be my favorite item on this list.

    Donnie here doesn't go through all that much trouble to become Roger Federer. In fact, if he showed up to your Halloween party with this outfit, you might have some issues with pegging down just which tennis star he was trying to pull off.

    Since when does a headband automatically qualify as the only thing you need to be a tennis doppelganger? And when did Federer get an American accent?

    Hey, the fans absolutely love Federer, who is actually Donnie. The smiles are genuine, and that's all that matters in the end.

Bad Ichiro

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    Granted, nobody here was duped, except for the one man who decided to dress the part for a Mariners game. However, this video is just too good to pass up. 

    At some point, he actually thought he was Ichiro Suzuki and decided to make a play on a live ball down the right field line.

    Yahoo! Sports' David Brown did more than spot this hilarious video; he also provided some of the more wonderful screen grabs of Not-Ichiro being squired out of the building.

Brett Favre Look-Alike

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    Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

    First, that is a picture of Brett Favre. We aren't presenting you with an image of his twin, although some were nearly fooled back in 2011.

    The Green Bay Press Gazette reported at the time that Green Bay Packers fans were convinced that a man who was not Favre was indeed the famous quarterback.

    The Gazette's report is unfortunately behind a paywall, but NESN's Ben Watanabe managed to get some words from a local fan:

    Jerry Watson, a bar owner in Ashwaubenon, Wisc., seemed to immediately notice the imposter didn't say "shucks" or throw three interceptions immediately after walking through the door, so Watson caught on. "The guy is a phony!" Watson told the Press-Gazette. "But he keeps his head down so you can't get a good look at him."

    Word is this impostor also didn't immediately retire or send some salacious pic messages to nearby fans, so we know he's a fake.

Lakers Could Have 2 Pau Gasols to Trade

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    Pau Gasol is a tall man with a patchy beard and a scruffy head of hair. Who knew the human race would produce two?

    The video features the basketball talents of one Michael Fanter, someone who is not a member of the Lakers and who does not feature in daily trade rumors.

    The Hoop Doctors' Allen Moll does give us a bit more on Fanter and his ability to fool purple and gold faithful just by throwing on a replica jersey.

    Per his website Pau Double.com, it all started a few years ago once Gasol was traded to the Lakers from Memphis. Fanter was a huge, lifelong Lakers fan and decided to wear a Gasol jersey to a home game. The fans reaction in the Staples Center was amazing as hundreds approached Fanter for autographs, all the while not putting two and two together that Pau wouldn’t be in the stands, but on the court in the game. Even Lakers greats sitting court-side like Rick Fox and Norm Nixon had to do a double take.

    If true, this proves that we all don't care too much about authenticity. For some, it's better to be fooled and think you are getting a real picture of a celebrity, even though the actual celeb is just a few feet away actually playing a game.

By Brian Wilson's Beard He Looks Good

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    The kids in this video aren't fooled for a second, so they can hold their head high that they performed a tad better than others who thought the former Giants pitcher wore his skin-tight tuxedo to actual games.

    Let's all raise our champagne glasses to a truly hardworking impersonator, D.J. Silva.

    Larry Brown of Larry Brown Sports spotted some images of one Giants fan going to great lengths to pull off the iconic Wilson look.

    The costume seems to have worked, because Silva's Twitter description reads, "Was once hashtagged

    If you are hashtagged as that, you know you are pulling off an authentic costume.

Beware the Suspenders

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    OK, we may be a tad loose with the term "famous," but you might not mind because you will be too busy cringing throughout this video.

    The hosts for KQTV here believe they are speaking with a bona fide yo-yo champion on their show. He is not.

    Deadspin's Barry Petchesky has more on a man of many names who owns very little talent when it comes to yo-yos.

    Little is known about "K-Strass," who goes by Kenny Strasser, or sometimes Karl Strassburg. He claims to be from Wisconsin (except when he doesn't). He claims to be from a broken home, with his own addiction issues (except when he isn't).

    The only concrete fact Petchesky offers is that K-Strass here managed to get onto six television broadcasts in the area, posing as a champion.

    That's more impressive than walking the dog.

Possible Fake Manny Pacquiao Sighting

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    Here's the thing, we can't be sure that this is a fake Manny Pacquiao walking through the lobby. Then again, we can't be sure that it's the actual star pugilist.

    However, fighter Ray Beltran seems to think that, with four hours to go before the fight, Pacquiao wouldn't be milling about in the hall.

    Either way, the crowd was authentically nuts when whoever it was traipsed through, causing a near riot for the boxer.

Guy Fieri's Stunt Double

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    Sometimes the fans aren't the ones getting duped but the people covering the game.

    A tip of the hat to eBaum's World for spotting this video of the Fox Sports crew covering a Royals and White Sox game.

    They are convinced that they are in the midst of Guy Fieri. A quick count of the wristbands and beads of sweat show that nope, there are clearly not enough of either to be the real deal.

So Close

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    Lastly, we have to give it up to Bleacher Report's Lance Fresh for nearly pulling off a perfect James Harden masquerade.

    You can see that some of the fans were eager to believe Fresh was the star guard at the 2014 All-Star festivities. However, while Harden can fit a great deal in that massive beard, he has no need for tape.