Mets Fans, Are You Not Entertained?

Randy MedinaCorrespondent IJune 10, 2009

Today, I’ll keep things short and sweet.

Remember this day, Mets fans: June 10, 2009.

This was the day you had nothing to complain about. As fans we have spent the last few seasons dissecting this team for flaws and we always find at least one.

To be honest, I am sure if you really go over last night's 6-5 victory over the Phils you will find a few warts, but if you choose to do so, you will be missing the point of last night's win.

The Mets played with fire: Johan and Frankie saw to that.

They played with heart: They blew the lead but fought to get it back.

They played with power: The team brought three home runs to the invincible Citi Field.

They played as a team: They fought to get the win for their ace, who they too often have failed to support.

Last night was everything we’ve been screaming for and more. Heck, even Razor Shines had his best game of the year, learning to throw up the stop sign that has eluded him so often this year.

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Last night does not solve the Mets' problems. It does not heal their injuries. It does not mean they are in the clear. There will be plenty more bumps on the road this season. That is why today is so important for Mets fans.

We took on the World Chumps and gave them all they could handle and more. It’s only one game. But what a game!

Stick out your chests today, Mets fans, and be proud of your guys. These kind of days haven’t come around very often lately.

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