Champions League Ball with Portuguese Theme to Make Debut in Last 16

Mark Patterson@@MarkPattersonBRUK Staff WriterFebruary 17, 2014


On the eve of the Champions League knockout stage, Adidas have unveiled a new ball with a Portuguese theme, celebrating the tournament final taking place in Lisbon later this year.

According to this Adidas press release, the Finale Lisbon Official Match Ball tells a story:

The design inspiration of the ball this year is a celebration of Portugal's legacy as a proud sea-going nation. The different shades of blue reflect the importance that both sky and sea have played in Lisbonโ€™s nautical history. The orange is a testament to the capital cityโ€™s orange-roofed houses, which can be seen from the numerous viewpoints scattered throughout Lisbonยดs several hills.

If you thought football could be played without celebrating Portugal's sea-faring legacy, then you are sorely mistaken.

Still, it's an exciting design, and created the perfect opportunity to position it beside an eagle in the Estadio da Luz.

And it doesn't yet have its own Twitter account like the Brazuca World Cup ball, which is probably a good thing.

Thanks to www.adidas.com/football for sending us the details.


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