Randy Orton Will Not be Taking Anyone's Crap: I'll Speak if He Can't

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJune 10, 2009

We all know the disaster that took place during WWE's Extreme Rules. It was there that the company's top Superstar dropped the WWE Championship to his inferior colleague, Batista.

It made me sick to see Randy Orton lose to Batista.

It made me even sicker to see him not re-capture his title the following night on Raw.

Perhaps the lone saving grace of the night was to see Batista beaten down and broken beyond recognition. Saying he deserved it would be a vast understatement but never the less, Randy Orton did what had to be done for the good of the company.

Be it his unfortunate real-life bicep injury, or the very deserved storyline damage that was done to his other healthy arm, both Batista and the WWE audience will be benefiting from Orton's charitable works.

Unfortunately for Batista, he became stale by the second week following his return from when Orton righteously punted him in the skull last January.

He didn't do much to make up for it either as he contributed poor micsmanship and repetitive drivel on a frequent basis.

Batista deserves to take a much-needed break as he really does need to attend to his fragile body and the WWE audience deserves an upgrade in intellectual capacity.

That is, if you really want to consider Triple H much of an upgrade.

Things were going perfectly last Monday as Randy Orton erased Batista from relevance within a matter of minutes and reclaimed his WWE Championship belt.

I was hoping that the WWE would be smart and award Orton the championship officially before Triple H made his predictable return. It's a shame that they revealed his return via the Titantron instead of simply hiting his music which would have been much more dramatic in my opinion.

The segment between Orton and Triple H was good with the exception of the result.

I would have been much more satisfied to have seen Orton wipe the mat with Triple H right then and there, much to the disappointment of his fans.

To have seen the better man stand triumphant regardless of his character role (being a heel) and the momentum of Triple H's return would have been a thing of beauty.

But I suppose things had to go down the way they did. 

After all, Randy Orton who has been having things so easy working in the ring and on the road doing promotions as the WWE Champion owes it to Triple H who has been struggling with intense couch-work.

That is the only fair way to reward the work both men have contributed over the past two months.

So what we now have is a situation that boasts little promise at this point in time.

The rumor I have heard is that the WWE Championship match next week will be contested by Randy Orton, Triple H, The Big Show, and John Cena in a Fatal-Four-Way.

That makes for a much better scenario than just seeing Randy Orton face Triple H one on one.

Because what Triple H and Batista have been doing has been downright shameful in my opinion.

Neither of them wants to lose in clean fashion, especially to Randy Orton.

Triple H's greed cost the WWE fans a quality main-event at Wrestlemania XXV. Sure he was willing to drop the belt to Orton under questionable circumstances, but he wasn't willing to man-up and do what needed to be done.

Batista didn't make things much better with his refusal to lose to Randy Orton at Judgement Day. Instead we saw a familiar ending with Orton getting himself intentionally disqualified.

They did essentially the same thing when Orton faced John Cena at No Way Out 2008. I'm sure it couldn't have been the creative team's first option after the company finally made the right move by putting the top championship on their top Superstar.

Typically heels are supposed to either win by unscrupulous means or lose in clean fashion. I don't have an issue with character-roles as much as I do with Triple H and Dave Batista directly.

Both are known for having massive egos and it appears very likely that neither of them want to "put over" Randy Orton properly.

When the company has been in dire need of a stable champion, they did the worst thing by removing their top candidate.

Batista himself  will be on the shelf for about four months so they can't count on him being the stable champion they need.

Triple H has already spent a great deal of the last year being the WWE Champion and never really managed to do an good job with it.

The only time he did an exceptional job was when he worked with Randy Orton.

All his other rivalries (with the slight exception of John Cena last July) wreaked of mediocrity and appeared to have no purpose beyond the fact that Triple H needed someone to defend his title against.

CM Punk shows promise to improve but he is very far from being the face of the company.

I respect Tommy Dreamer for his past career but no ECW Champion has a chance of being the company's stable pillar, much less a champion of Dreamer's caliber.

So what do they have?

John Cena appears to be the most likely candidate but he needs quality people to feud with and the most logical choice would be Randy Orton.

Let's think of  the top heels on Raw for a moment.

Who the hell is there beyond Randy Orton?

The Big Show?

I don't think so. He's big, strong, and stale.

Nobody is going to tune in every Monday night to see the same garbage. Show could be champion for a month or so, but does not possess the versatility to keep anyone even slightly interested for much longer than that.

If the WWE isn't plagued with babyface-favoritism, then show me the heels who have remained champion for extensive periods of time.

The company needs a heel-champion and not the crowd-kissing crap we've been treated to on a weekly basis.

When Randy Orton becomes the WWE Champion again, the WWE needs to either book him stronger or have him work with people who are classy enough to lie down for greatness.

As the company's greatest asset, Randy Orton is entitled to preferential treatment.

It's about time that some serious changes are made and lets hope that they are made sooner rather than later.

And if the Ortonites start to disappear one by one or if they begin to lose interest and passion, understand that I am not going anywhere and the travesty that happened at Extreme Rules has only motivated me to be more passionate than I was before.


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