No Help !: Why The Cavaliers Didn't Win The NBA Finals

jacob horrocksContributor IJune 10, 2009

The reason why the Cleveland Cavaliers couldn't win the NBA finals was because LeBron got no help from any of his teammates at all against the Orlando Magic. Sure some players had their moments but they could never keep it at a consistent level. The main reason was because DeLonte West and Mo Williams couldn't even hit an open three pointer !

LeBron did his job and more, he always kept them close until he got pulled out which happened rarely because of inconsistent playing. I mean honestly LeBron did all he could averaging over 32 points per game and grabbing over nine rebounds a game. The way the Cavaliers played I don't even have any excuse, and i'm a big fan.LeBron needs a player or more that has experience in the playoffs.

Sure they had Ben Wallace but he isn't the player he used to be when he won the Finals in 2004. Also, how can you lose In the conference Finals after sweeping your first two opponents most notably the Atlanta Hawks. Unlike the Cavaliers the Magic wanted it more.

The Magic were dead tired because they went through a seven game series with the Celtics and only had like three or four days rest. The Cavaliers had at least over a week of rest. So once again, the fans will have to wait another time for the Cavaliers to make it to the NBA Finals (that is unless LeBron James comes back after the 2010 season because his contract ends).

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