WWE Main Event Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Analysis from Feb. 5

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In this April 2, 2013 photo, Mexican Lucha Libre wrestler Alberto del Rio poses for a portrait in New York.  Del Rio is a Mexican wrestler who confronted Jack Swagger, who played the role of an American who does not like immigrants living illegally in the US, on Sunday in a fight at the WWE Wrestlemania 29 wrestling event in New Jersey, the biggest WWE event of the year.  The immigration storyline helps WWE, or Lucha Libre USA, attract Latino audiences to their fights. (AP Photo/Peter Morgan)
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Since most time periods in WWE history usually get tagged as some sort of era, the current stretch should be known as the Civil Unrest Era. Lately, WWE events have been a platform for fans to voice their displeasure about booking and the departure of C.M. Punk.

The Fans Podcast captures the climate accurately:

The latest episode of WWE Main Event wasn't wrought with disruptive chants, but then again, it's possible they could have been edited out.

It would have been hilarious if the following message appeared right after the WWE pre-roll ran for the broadcast:

"All Daniel Bryan and C.M. Punk chants have been edited out of tonight's Main Event broadcast for your viewing enjoyment. You're welcome."

Here's what actually did happen on Main Event from the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa.

First the results, and then the thought-provoking analysis. Well, hopefully, it'll provoke something.

Dark Match

  • Alexander Rusev defeats Tyson Kidd with Camel Clutch.


  • The Miz defeats Fandango by submission and the Figure-Four Leg Lock.
  • Alberto Del Rio defeats Zack Ryder by pinfall.
  • Big E. Langston defeats Curtis Axel by pinfall.

Rusev Smashes in the Dark

image from WWE.com

That's not a secret saying or espionage lingo. It was just an attempt to make a dark match between an oft-injured high flyer and a young powerhouse sound intriguing.

Let's go with it.

Per PWMania.com, the dark match before the Main Event telecast saw NXT call-up Alexander Rusev smash Tyson Kidd. He made him submit via the Camel Clutch.

This sounds like the typical squash match for a big, powerful newcomer like Rusev. I was very impressed with his look and athleticism at the Royal Rumble.

Former WWE commentator and all-around awesome dude Jim Ross seems to dig Rusev as well.

In a recent blog entry on his website, Ross said this of the powerful Bulgarian:

Keep an eye on the Rusev and company duo as I think that they have a shot at becoming an entity of value. It won't happen immediately but if they are mentored and creatively managed in a smart, logical manner, this duo might be good in time. I've liked Rusev ever since I first saw him in NXT when I was traveling there regularly.

Rusev looks like he should be a level boss in a fighting video game. In my book, that makes you pretty cool. Per WWE NXT on Twitter, Rusev is a man of few words:

The Commentators

Tom Phillips and Alex Riley carried the announcing duties. I'd love to see Riley get an opportunity for a bigger role in some sort of storyline.

Even if he's not an in-ring performer anymore, he has enough presence and mic skills to be a valuable asset to a program.

I digress, let's look at the televised matches.

If a Miz Beats a Fandango on Wednesday Night, Does it Make a Sound?

That's a trick question. Because I had the volume down on the television until I saw that Santino Marella and yet another NXT call-up, Emma, had joined Phillips and Riley for commentary.

The Miz handled Fandango in a moderately entertaining match, but this spot was partially done to further the building feud between Summer Rae and Emma. The WWE is going the comedic route with Emma.

That can be cool for a while, but as her current partner can attest, the ceiling for a WWE Superstar/Diva is pretty low when comedy is at the center of her appeal. In all honesty, Emma was more annoying than anything in this spot.

Others aren't getting Emma's gimmick. How do I know that? Justin Henry of Cold Hard Football Facts said as much:

WWE NXT's official Twitter account tweeted this message to hype Emma's appearance on Main Event:

Look for some sort of mixed tag team match featuring Fandango and Summer Rae vs. Santino and Emma at Elimination Chamber. It may not even be officially placed on the card, but it could be added during the show.

The Game Tells Us Nothing

Officially, The Game announced Randy Orton would take on John Cena on Monday Night Raw. We kind of already knew that was coming, even though we didn't know the exact date.

When Trips and Cole really don't have anything meaningful to discuss, could we just see cool WWE 2K14 YouTube videos from Backyard Gaming, Tubby Emu and TonyPizzaGuy during this part of the show.

That would be more entertaining than watching The Game shoot the breeze with Cole.

Alberto Del Rio Kicks Ryder to Be Devoured by the Animal

ADR made relatively quick work of the Internet Champion. He smoked Zack Ryder with a superkick to help put himself over as a legitimate threat to Batista.

I could come up with a funny little introduction for this next tweet from The Fans Podcast, but it's not necessary. This is just really funny:

Del Rio could superkick a lion and make Robocop tap out to the cross arm bar—he's still going to lose at Elimination Chamber to Batista.

In Big Dave's horribly delivered words: "Deal with it."

A Strong Man Pays Homage to His Alma Mater By Burying Axel

Curtis Axel's push lasted about as long as the XFL. Now he's about a notch above 3MB on the WWE food chain. On Main Event, the man who took the Intercontinental title away from him ate Mr. Imperfect's lunch again.

This time, Big E Langston's victory came in the state where he played college football.

Big E was a defensive lineman for the Iowa Hawkeyes before he made his mark as a power lifter and WWE Superstar. He rocked a singlet with Hawkeyes black and gold, but he simply delivered another black eye to Axel's WWE image.

That's the show folks. Stay tuned next week as we break down the next episode of WWE Main Event.

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