Potential 2014 NBA Trade Deadline Steals

Bryant Knox@@BryantKnoxFeatured ColumnistFebruary 4, 2014

Potential 2014 NBA Trade Deadline Steals

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    With the Philadelphia 76ers playing the role of sellers, Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner could be steals at the 2014 NBA trade deadline.
    With the Philadelphia 76ers playing the role of sellers, Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner could be steals at the 2014 NBA trade deadline.Steve Yeater/Associated Press

    The 2014 NBA trade deadline will see players swap jerseys, but the question is: How many of those moves will come in a fair deal?

    Every season, we see teams give and take while they wheel and deal. Very few transactions end up being truly lopsided, but those who come out on top deserve recognition for their shrewd acquisitions.

    Although it's impossible to predict every detail of every trade, we've watched player stocks rise and fall throughout the year. We have an idea of what guys are worth at this point in the process, and it's fair to assume that some will be absolute steals for a few lucky franchises.

    *All statistics and standings are current as of Feb. 3, 2014.

    **All salary information is courtesy of HoopsHype.com, and all draft-pick details are courtesy of RealGM.

Jeff Green

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    Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

    The Boston Celtics were once considered hopefuls when it came to the third seed out East. The conference has been historically bad, and while the C's certainly contributed to that narrative, they also looked as if they could leapfrog those ahead of them who were struggling.

    Now, 49 games into the year, the team is 12th in the East, and it's become clear that the Celtics are going to be sellers at the deadline.

    According to ESPN's Chris Broussard (subscription required), "[Danny] Ainge is looking to clear as much cap room as soon as he can, so if he can find takers for Gerald WallaceJeff Green and Avery Bradley, they're gone."

    We'll consider Green the top asset of the trio at this time, but luckily for opposing organizations, the Celtics are looking for cap flexibility in return—not top-level talent.

Beno Udrih

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    Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

    Beno Udrih hasn't had a stellar showing during his first year with the New York Knicks, but that hasn't kept him from becoming one of the most talked-about commodities on the market.

    According to HoopsHype.com, Udrih has been mentioned in the second-most rumors (during a two-week time frame) behind Rajon Rondo. He's the Knicks' third-string floor general, and according to ESPN's Ian Begley, he requested a trade back in January.

    Despite the rumor by Begley, the New York Post's Marc Berman has reported that Udrih prefers to stay with the Knicks. "Yeah, that's my first option," Udrih said; although, he went on to admit that the NBA is a business and that his fate is out of his hands.

    If New York chooses to shop its assets, Udrih will draw attention. The Knicks can't expect much in return when it comes to a third-string point guard, which is a good sign for franchises on the prowl.

Omer Asik

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    Danny Johnston/Associated Press

    The fact that Omer Asik hasn't been traded is unfortunate for all parties involved. It's been clear since the acquisition of Dwight Howard that Asik would benefit from a trade, and if the Houston Rockets are being honest with themselves, they could use a true stretch 4 to play within the rotation.

    As it turns out, Asik is still with the Houston Rockets, and a trade at the deadline likely won't bring back the value it would have earlier in the season.

    According to Ben DuBose of ClutchFans.net, general manager Daryl Morey has indicated that Asik will be with the team through his current contract. "The window to trade him was [in December]," Morey said, "so we're excited about him being a part of our future."

    As insistent as Morey is about keeping the center, he'd be remiss not to consider offers before the deadline. Unfortunately for the team, Asik has been sidelined since Dec. 12, which hasn't given him a chance to showcase the rebounding and shot-blocking skills that everyone covets.

Greg Monroe

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    Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

    The Detroit Pistons are in a tough situation. Playing Josh Smith at the 3 has created a logjam in the frontcourt, but the 28-year-old's contract makes him a near-impossible piece to move before Feb. 20.

    With Smith on the roster to stay, as well as Andre Drummond holding down the paint, Greg Monroe could be the odd man out. Detroit desperately needs three-point shooting, as it's last in that category, and bringing in a shooter would be a way of improving production.

    Monroe's numbers are down from years past, which gives teams the opportunity to swoop in and buy low. He's not going to be an easy player to tear away from the Pistons, but his price is likely lower than it once was.

    Monroe still has All-Star potential, but considering the situation the Pistons are in, chances are they won't require an All-Star in return.

Spencer Hawes, Evan Turner

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    Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

    The Philadelphia 76ers are going to be sellers at the deadline, which might cloud their judgement when it comes to Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner.

    Hawes and Turner, both 25, are having career years. Their numbers have improved across the board, and they've established themselves as consistent pieces within Philly's rotation.

    Both up-and-comers have incredibly high value compared to years past, but selling high could be difficult with the league well-aware of the Sixers' true intentions.

    The problem for Philadelphia is that it's looking for the best deal available while trying to tank rebuild. There's no denying that the Sixers are sellers, but they lack leverage when it comes to negotiating.

    Philadelphia doesn't want to win right away, meaning it will be content taking back expiring contracts and future assets.