Batista and the 5 Most Shocking Crowd Interactions in Pro Wrestling History

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 3, 2014

Batista and the 5 Most Shocking Crowd Interactions in Pro Wrestling History

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    Batista's return to the WWE has certainly been eventful—he won the Royal Rumble despite wrestling for a little over 10 minutes since his second spell with the company began, after all.

    However, one of the more striking moments was The Animal's reaction with the crowd after the Rumble match. He had an altercation with a fan in the crowd and then proceeded to stand at the top of the ramp and mock Daniel Bryan's "YES!" chant.

    For a guy who is supposed to be a babyface, that is hardly the way to win over fans—which might explain some of the hideous reactions he has been getting since his return.

    With that said, Batista isn't the only guy to have had interactions with the crowd in the WWE. Let's take a look at some more shocking examples.

5. Chris Jericho Threatens to Knock Fan out

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    Isn't Chris Jericho just an awesome heel? Here, Y2J is making his way through the crowd and cutting a heel promo when he comes into contact with a fan.

    It's pretty obvious that Jericho doesn't like being touched, as he warns the guy initially to keep his hands off him. Does he listen? No. That leaves Jericho with no option. He threatens to knock the fan out if he does it again.

    To be fair to the guy, he didn't go anywhere near Jericho after that. That was probably wise.

4. CM Punk Challenges Fan to a Fight

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    The world of CM Punk must sure be an interesting one to live in. This instance comes from one of his feuds with The Undertaker, although Taker doesn't play much of a role here.

    His music has hit and he was readying himself to come out to the ring to say something to Punk. Chicago's finest was more interested in what a fan had to say, though.

    Punk continually challenges the fan to step over the barrier and step in the ring with him. Something had clearly irritated Punk, that is for certain.

    Watch the video to find out the full story.

3. Eddie Guerrero Lands on His Feet

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    This was a remarkable moment from a live ladder match between Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam on Raw.

    In all fairness, it could have been a horrific incident. Guerrero was at the top of the ladder when a fan came in and purposely pushed the ladder over. Unfortunately for the fan, the agile Guerrero landed on his feet.

    That prompted a furious reaction from the Mexican, unloading on the fan before security managed to haul him out of the ring.

    The match continued as normal, but it was a stark reminder of how dangerous fan-wrestler interactions can be.

2. Sabu Attacks a Fan

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    We head over to Japan and the mad world of Sabu. The ECW legend was in a visibly foul mood whilst on his way out to the ring for a match when a fan decided to do completely the wrong thing.

    Trying to steal Sabu's turban is just not a good idea. Not at all. Perhaps they were just trying to touch him, but they got his turban and it came off his head.

    That prompted Sabu to leap over the barrier and unleash a barrage of punches on the poor, unsuspecting fan. What is more remarkable is that nobody tries to stand in the way to break the fight up.

    Sabu just throws some shots and then heads back over the barrier and into the ring. Remarkable.

1. CM Punk Strikes a Fan on Raw

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    Face or heel, CM Punk has always possessed the ability to draw reactions from a crowd.

    This one, however, is arguably one of the most shocking in pro wrestling history. It was so significant that it drew headlines in the mainstream media—and it was a crazy moment.

    Punk had thrown a heap of heat on himself after a pretty nasty promo. He then was chased out of the ring by Ryback before making his way through the crowd.

    Punk was hit on the back of the head completely by accident. He reacted in a shocking manner—by striking the wrong guy in the face, breaking his glasses.

    It was eventually swept under the rug by the company, but it was a remarkable interaction between fan and pro wrestler.