John Stockton Mulling Comeback with the Memphis Grizzlies (Humor)

Mike B.Correspondent IJune 7, 2009

John Stockton is contemplating a return to the NBA with the Memphis Grizzlies next season.

"I miss the game of basketball and I am ready to show the world that I can still play at an All-Star level," Stockton told the Memphis Daily News. "I definitely have about four or five years left in me."  

"And plus, I'm sick of sitting on the couch with my wife and kids watching old reruns of Beverly Hills 90210," Stockton added.

The league's all-time assist leader played his entire 19-year career with the Utah Jazz before retiring in 2003.

And if the 47-year-old Stockton returns to the NBA hardwood, he would become the oldest player ever to play in a professional basketball game. Nat Hickey played one game at age 46 for the Providence Steamrollers of the Basketball Association of America during the 1947-48 season.  

Stockton's primary interest in joining the Grizzlies is simple. He would get the chance to play with his favorite player—Darko Milicic.

"I've always dreamed of playing with a player like Darko," Stockton said. "He is the European version of Karl Malone, just a bit taller. Everybody thinks he's a bust, but I think he will be a Hall of Famer when his career is all said and done. He's got 'superstar' written all over him."

The Grizzlies will likely be forced to use their entire $20 million in cap space to sign Stockton.  

And with a core of Stockton, Rudy Gay, O.J. Mayo, Mike Conley, and Milicic, the Grizzlies may win 3 or 4 titles in the next five years.

We may be witnessing a dynasty. Stay tuned.


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