Super Bowl Odds 2014: Most Interesting Prop Bets for Seahawks vs. Broncos

Rob Goldberg@TheRobGoldbergFeatured ColumnistJanuary 28, 2014

August 18 2012; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) in the second quarter of a preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks at Sports Authority Field. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

There will be a lot of money changing hands throughout the course of Super Bowl XLVIII, and it is not all concerning which team will win.

Obviously, fans of the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will be too into the game to care about what the announcers are discussing or how long the national anthem lasts. However, the rest of the world might need some extra motivation to keep things interesting.

These unique prop bets have little to no effect on the matchup itself, but they certainly keep it exciting regardless of the score. Here is a look at the most interesting bets available on Bovada heading into the big game.

WhenSunday, Feb. 2 at 6:30 p.m. ET

Where: MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, N.J.

Watch: Fox

StreamingFox Sports Go

MobileNFL Mobile app

Spread: Denver (-3), according to Bovada

National Anthem Category

Lefteris Pitarakis/Associated Press

How long will it take Renee Fleming to sing the official U.S. national anthem? (Over/Under: Two minutes and 25 seconds)

This is a regular bet for the Super Bowl, but this one comes with an interesting twist. Renee Fleming is an opera singer who is likely to extend "The Star-Spangled Banner" as much as possible.

Last year, Kelly Clarkson was given a listed over/under of one minute and 34 seconds and finished about exactly at that mark. The year before, Christina Aguilera had a relatively long one, but it still did not last two minutes.

This mark of two minutes and 25 seconds would be tough for anyone to crack, but Fleming is one that could get it close.

Of course, if you are really into betting, you can also gamble on whether she will forget a word, if she will wear gloves or what color said gloves will be.

Will Knowshon Moreno cry during the singing of the national anthem?

This all stems from a Dec. 1 game against the Kansas City Chiefs when Knowshon Moreno was captured by CBS cameras crying like a faucet on the sidelines:

When asked about the situation, the Broncos running back told Tim Layden of Sports Illustrated:

It's always been that way for me, all the way back to high school and college. During the anthem it's always quiet and still, so I take in the moment and say a little prayer. Usually there's no camera on me. I thank the Lord for letting me play the game. I thank Him for everything. I run through my whole life right there at that moment. Even the bad stuff.

With cameras likely to be focused on Moreno during an extended national anthem, this might be a safe pick to make. 

Announcer Category

BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 23:  Fox broadcaster Joe Buck is seen before Game One of the 2013 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals at Fenway Park on October 23, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Elsa/Getty Images

How many times will "12th man" be said during the game? (Over/Under: Two)

Are announcers so predictable that we know exactly what they will say throughout the game? Yes, yes they are.

With the Seahawks, there are a number of talking points that are mentioned virtually every time they play, and the Super Bowl will be no different.

One of these points include the fact that Seattle fans call themselves the "12th man" and play a big role at home games. Over the past two seasons, the squad is 17-1 at CenturyLink Field. 

If you do not think this will be discussed, you can also bet on whether Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will mention "Beast Mode" or the fact that Russell Wilson was drafted in the MLB. 

Will the announcers say the word "marijuana" during the game?

If you did not know by now, the Super Bowl happens to feature two teams from two states that legalized marijuana: Washington and Colorado.

This has created a marketing opportunity for some, while a major joke for others:

Meanwhile, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll recently stated that he thinks the league should explore the use of medical marijuana for players, according to John Breech of CBS Sports.

Although it has nothing to do with the game itself, you can be sure it is discussed at some point during the broadcast.

Richard Sherman Category

SEATTLE, WA - JANUARY 19:  Cornerback Richard Sherman #25 of the Seattle Seahawks celebrates after he tips the ball leading to an intereption by outside linebacker Malcolm Smith #53 to clinch the victory for the Seahawks against the San Francisco 49ers du
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Will Richard Sherman receive a taunting penalty in the game?

Those who did not know Richard Sherman already as one of the best cornerbacks in football now know him as one of the most outspoken players in the league. He made sure of that with this interview with Erin Andrews after the NFC Championship Game:

This created a wager to be made whether he will keep this persona alive with another taunting penalty in the Super Bowl. Of course, it is important to note that his only taunting flag all season came against Michael Crabtree in his most recent game.

On the other hand, you can also bet that Sherman will get called for either unnecessary roughness or pass interference. According to, the cornerback received seven penalties this year for one of these.

Meanwhile, there is yet another wager to bet on whether he is interviewed by Erin Andrews again after this game. In reality, she might be too scared to get close to him this time around. 

Will Michael Crabtree mention Richard Sherman in a tweet during the Super Bowl from kickoff until final whistle?

Almost immediately after Sherman called out Crabtree for being a "mediocre receiver" and saying he is the best, the 49ers receiver took to Twitter to make his case:

This means that people will not only be focused on the game on Sunday, they will also be checking out Crabtree's Twitter account to see if he does something else notable aimed at his rival.

With the world watching, though, this seems pretty unlikely.

You Have a Gambling Problem Category

DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 18:  Head coach John Fox of the Denver Broncos is doused with Gatorade by Brian Dawkins #20 of the Denver Broncos after their 24-22 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals at Invesco Field at Mile High on September 18, 2011 in Denver, C
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

What color will the Gatorade (or liquid) be that is dumped on the head coach of the winning Super Bowl team?

Some bets are calculated risks, while others are simply blind guesses. This is the latter, as you really have no chance of knowing what flavor is in the Gatorade coolers until they are released.

If you somehow have inside information on this process, you are using your sources for the wrong reason.

This is the same type of category as those who bet the coin toss (also available) and many other completely random events during the game. 

Will the power go out in the stadium during the game?

If you made this bet a year ago, you would be a very rich man, as it was not even considered in the realm of possibility. However, the lights went out at the Superdome, leading to a 34-minute delay.

According to Nate Davis of USA Today, Ray Lewis thinks this was a conspiracy led by the NFL to keep the Baltimore Ravens from winning the Super Bowl. With this in mind, all you need to do is figure out which team Roger Goodell "wants" to win and then call a blackout when that team is losing.

At 20-1 odds, it might be worth taking the chance to keep this conspiracy theory going. On the other hand, it is likely just a waste of money because the odds of this error happening again are very low.

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