Winter X Games 2014 Results: Medal Winners, Trick Highlights and More

Richard Langford@@noontide34Correspondent IJanuary 24, 2014

Winter X Games 2014 Results: Medal Winners, Trick Highlights and More

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    The 20th anniversary of the dawn of the X Games hits a high note on the slopes of Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado. 

    The athletes will be competing from Jan. 23 to Jan. 26 in four action-packed days of aerial exploits. 

    This year, the competition has the added intrigue of being a primer for the 2014 Sochi Games. Of course, this has also robbed the X Games of its biggest star. Shaun White, as Colin Bane of ESPN reports, will not be participating in these games to focus solely on training for the Olympics. 

    Nevertheless, there will be plenty of other top athletes on display. 

    This slide show will track all the medals handed out in these X Games, and also showcase some of the top tricks. 

Snowmobile Freestyle

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    In an emotionally charged night on the slopes, Colten Moore took home the first gold medal of the 2014 Winter X Games. 

    With a score of 91.33 on his first run in the Snowmobile Freestyle, Moore took a big lead and then watched all riders come up short on their second and final run. The 25-year-old had the gold locked up without having to take his second attempt at the course. 

    It was at last year's X Games that Caleb, Colten's older brother, came up short on an attempted back flip and died one week later as a result of the injuries. 

    As you can see in the below standings, Moore blew the competition away. 

    MedalNameBest Score
    GoldColten Moore91.33
    SilverJoe Parsons86.33
    BronzeHeath Frisby86.00

Men's Snowboarder X Final

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    Nate Holland continued his reign of dominance in the Men's Snowboarder X competition by holding off both Alex Tuttle and Konstantin Schad in the men's final.

    Squaw Valley's official Twitter account tweeted a video of Holland's run:

    Yeahhhh @N8Holland!! CONGRATS on your 7th gold medal @XGames! Looking strong for #Sochi2014 #squawathlete

    — Squaw Valley (@SquawValley) January 25, 2014

    Holland's run led to him claiming his eighth gold medal in the X-Games. That mark makes him the winningest Snowboarder X competitor in X-Games history, according to ESPN Stats and Info:

    Nate Holland (USA): 8th career Snowboarder X medals (most Snowboarder X medals in X Games history, breaking tie with Seth Wescott).

    — ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) January 24, 2014

    Holland's run narrowly got him the win over Tuttle, but it was certainly a memorable one. The 35-year-old might not be one of the famous competitors in X-Games history, but he is certainly one of the best.

Women's Snowboarder X Final

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    Much like her counterpart on the men's side, Lindsey Jacobellis continued her domination in the Women's Snowboarder X Final. After defeating Eva Samkova by .145 seconds, Jacobellis cemented her place in women's snowboard racing before the Winter Olympics.

    The X-Games' official Twitter account posted a video of the win for Jacobellis:

    '@LindsJacobellis for the win to kick off day two! #XGames

    — X Games (@XGames) January 24, 2014

    With the win, Jacobellis also claimed her eighth gold medal in Snowboarder X competitions. The gold medal put her in a place where no other woman has ever been in X-Games history, as ESPN Stats and Info reports:

    Lindsey Jacobellis wins her 8th career X Games gold medal (most by a female in X Games history), breaking tie with Fabiola da Silva.

    — ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) January 24, 2014

    The American will look to continue her dominance over the sport when she competes in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. After breaking an X-Games record and continuing her control over the rest of the competition, Jacobellis appears to be on her way to another gold soon.

Women's Ski SuperPipe Final

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    Julie Jacobson/Associated Press

    Maddie Bowman is at the top of her game. And when that happens, no one is stopping her.

    After taking home the gold medal in last year's Winter X-Games in Aspen, Bowman came into this year's version and dominated the competition with a huge run that catapulted her to another first-place finish before the Winter Olympics.

    Bowman's run was tweeted out by ESPN Freeskiing's official Twitter account:

    Here's the replay of @maddiebowman's winning run.

    — ESPN Freeskiing (@ESPN_Ski) January 25, 2014

    The American pulled off several consecutive tricks that boosted her second run, finishing with a final score of 88.66 on her best run. Roz Groenewoud, who finished in second place, finished with an 85.66 on her first run, but was not able to overtake Bowman in either of her other runs.

    The 20-year-old spoke about her win following the final run with ESPN Freeskiing:

    That's a repeat gold for @maddiebowman @XGames. "I couldn't have had more fun tonight," she said. Full results:

    — ESPN Freeskiing (@ESPN_Ski) January 25, 2014

    With her second gold in her last three competitions at the X-Games, Bowman is once again at the top of the SuperPipe mountain. It will be interesting to see how she fares in Sochi with so much momentum in her favor ahead of the competition.

Snowboard Big Air

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    Max Parrot wowed the Aspen crowd with two great runs en route to a gold medal in Snowboard Big Air on Friday night, per ESPN Snowboarding:

    Max Parrot gets gold in @XGames Big Air. Results here: Replay of Parrot's first run here:

    — ESPN Snowboarding (@ESPN_Snow) January 25, 2014

    He started off strong with a 47.00 in his first run, but Yuki Kadono posted a 47.00 of his own. In was in the second run that Parrot created the space he needed to be on top of the leaderboard. With another near flawless jump, he earned a 46.00. Kadono could only counter with a 41.00, giving Parrot the gold.

    It's the first gold medal Parrot has won at the Winter X Games and second medal overall. He earned silver in the Snowboard Slopestyle last year in Aspen.

Men's Ski SuperPipe

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 for David Wise after he won gold in the men's Ski SuperPipe on Friday night. It's his third gold in a row, the first time anybody has pulled off the three-peat since Tanner Hall in 2006-08, per ESPN Stats and Info:

    David Wise wins @XGames Men's Ski SuperPipe; 1st 3-peat in event in Aspen since 2006-08.

    — ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) January 25, 2014

    Wise wasted little time in making himself the man to beat. He unleashed what was a brilliant first run. After that, the bar was set, and nobody came close, per ESPN Freeskiing:

    Replay of @mrDavidWise's top-scoring first run.

    — ESPN Freeskiing (@ESPN_Ski) January 25, 2014

    He tweeted out that there was "only room to improve":

    Amped to put down my first run solid! 90! Only room to improve. #XGames

    — David Wise (@mrDavidWise) January 25, 2014

    Wise would, with a 92.00 on his third run to cement just how much better than he was than the other competitors.

    Kevin Rolland earned silver with an impressive performance of his own, posting an 88.66 on his second run.

    But make no mistake, the night belonged to Wise.

Men's Snowboard SlopeStyle Final

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    Paul Bussi-USA TODAY Sports

    One day after winning the gold in the Big Air competition, Max Parrot doubled down on gold at the 2014 Winter X Games with a stellar performance in the men's slopestyle competition.

    As pointed out by the event on Twitter, which also provides video highlights, Parrot (96.33) edged out fellow Canadian Mark McMorris (95.66) to claim his second gold medal of the games:

    DOUBLE GOLD for @MaxParrot! He edged out Canadian teammate Mark McMorris with this sensational 96.33 run:

    — X Games (@XGames) January 25, 2014

    Norway's Stale Sandbech rounded out the top three with a score of 90. 

    As part of his winning run, Parrot busted out an incredible series of moves during the rails portion, as described by Colin Bane of ESPN, who relayed some post-run comments from the champ:

    Parrot got technical in the rail section, with a Cab 270 on the down rail, a hardway to backside 450 on the down-flat-down rail and a 270 on the up-flat-down rail, before going big in the jumps with a frontside double cork 1080, double cork backside rodeo, Cab triple underflip and backside triple cork 1440.

    "In the jumps, pretty much all the riders have the same tricks, so everything comes down to who's going to step up the game on the rails," Parrot said. "That's why I tried the hardway backside 450 in. I've never done that trick before so I was really stoked today."

    1Max ParrotR94.00R40.00R96.3396.33
    2Mark McMorris R66.66R95.66R10.0095.66
    3Ståle Sandbech R11.33R35.33R90.0090.00
    4 Aleksander Oestreng R11.66R10.00R70.3370.33
    5Chas Guldemond R51.00R60.00R59.6660.00
    6 Torstein Horgmo R33.33R41.00R46.3346.33
    7Sebastien Toutant R19.66R14.66R17.6619.66
    8Emil Ulsletten R14.33R14.33R17.3317.33

    Note: Results courtesy of

Women's Snowboard SlopeStyle Final

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    Silje Norendal went from third to first with a brilliant final run (96.0) to win the Women's snowboard slopestyle event at the 2014 Winter X Games. 

    SportsCenter Alerts provides the full medal order, with Jamie Anderson (95.66) taking silver and Spencer O'Brian (94.0) taking the bronze:

    Silje Norendal wins gold in women's Snowboard Slopestyle; Jamie Anderson silver; Spencer O'Brien bronze

    — SportsCenter Alerts (@ESPNSCalerts) January 25, 2014

    Second-place finisher Anderson tallied her ninth career X Games medal in 11 appearances, and she looked forward to showing fans this event at the Olympic Games with excitement, via Colin Bane of "I hope they enjoy it. It's so fun and creative, and everyone has something else to bring to the table. ... I think it will be a good showing."

    1 Silje Norendal R93.00R42.66R96.0096.00
    2Jamie AndersonR95.66R82.66R55.0095.66
    3Spencer O'BrienR25.00R94.00R21.0094.00
    4 Kjersti Oestgaard Buaas R27.66R88.00R24.6688.00
    5Anna GasserR36.33R40.66R87.6687.66
    6Isabel Derungs R84.66R77.33R78.3384.66
    7Aimee FullerR63.00R27.33R41.3363.00
    8 Sarka Pancochova R9.33R14.66R28.3328.33

    Note: Results courtesy of

Snowmobile Long Jump Final

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    Levi LaVallee hurtled through the air farther than any other snowmobile driver in the field during the long jump final. His winning jump of 147' 5" was well over four feet longer than Cory Davis (142' 11"), and it was nearly 15 feet longer than third-place finisher, Colten Moore (132' 11"). 

    ESPN's Jamie Little provides a nice shot of LaValee and Moore with their medals:

    Congrats @Levi_LaVallee and @Colt45Moore ...1st and 3rd in @XGames Long Jump!

    — Jamie Little (@JamieLittleESPN) January 25, 2014
    1Levi LaVallee 147' 5"
    2Cory Davis142' 11"
    3 Colten Moore132' 11"

    Note: Results courtesy of

Women's Snowboard SuperPipe

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    Julie Jacobson/Associated Press

    Kelly Clark made history on Saturday night.

    A 95.00 on her first run handed Clark a gold medal in women's Snowboard SuperPipe. It's the 12th medal she was won in the X Games, which is the most of any female athlete, per the X Games official Twitter account:

    Congrats @Kellyclarkfdn on winning Super Pipe gold and becoming the most decorated female athlete in X Games history! #12MedalsAndCounting

    — X Games (@XGames) January 26, 2014

    This is also the fourth year in a row in which Clark has won gold in the Snowboard SuperPipe.

    Despite that, the night arguably belonged to Chloe Kim. The 13-year-old—yes, she's 13—won silver with a fantastic third run. She posted a 93.00 in her first run, which was good enough for third, but then she wowed the Aspen crowd, earning a 94.33 to place her 0.33 points ahead of bronze medalist Kaitlyn Farrington.

    And just to make you feel old, Kim wasn't even alive when Shaun White debuted at the X Games, per ESPN:

    Chloe Kim wasn't alive when Shaun White compete in his 1st @Xgames. She just won silver as a THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD ->

    — ESPN (@espn) January 26, 2014

    Now we can all feel like failures who have done nothing with our lives.

Ski Big Air

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    Hannah Johnston/Getty Images

    Although he wasn't able to recreate the perfect 50 he scored in Aspen last year, Henrik Harlaut took home gold in Sky Big Air. It's the second year in a row he's been atop the podium, per the X Games:

    .@HenrikHarlaut is on top for Big Air for the 2nd straight year! Here's how he won the gold:

    — X Games (@XGames) January 26, 2014

    Harlaut started quickly out of the gates, earning a 48.00. That set him up nicely for his next four runs, as he would be able to coast. He posted a 45.00 on his second run, and each of his subsequent three runs were all one point less than the other.

    Vincent Gagnier and Kai Mahler rounded out the medal winners.

    Harlaut isn't done in Aspen, either. He's got the Ski SlopeStyle final on Sunday. He posted the highest score during the elimination round and earned silver in the event at last year's Aspen event.

Men's Ski Slopestyle

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    After a rough first run where he scored just a 16.66, Nick Goepper came up with back-to-back incredible runs at the Men's Ski Slopestyle final, scoring 91.66 then a 95.00 to win the gold medal.

    A repeat champ! Congrats to US Olympian @NickGoepper who wins Ski Slopestyle for the 2nd straight year.

    — X Games (@XGames) January 26, 2014

    His final two runs were so impressive that his second run would have still give him the silver had he not done well on the final one. This was Goepper's second consecutive goal at the Winter X Games in Aspen in the event, earning a silver medal back in 2012.

    McRae Williams was able to come out of this event with a silver medal after posting a very strong second run, scoring a 92.66. Williams finished in just 12th at last year's games in Aspen, but did get a gold medal at Tignes in 2013.

    Andreas Hatveit came away with a bronze. At 27 years old, it was the Norwegian's four medal in the X Games for the event, although he has never been able to win the gold.

    RankNameRun 1Run 2Run 3Best
    1Nick Goepper





    McRae Williams

    3Andreas Hatveit90.3386.0019.6690.33
    4Henrik Harlaut89.3316.6617.6689.33

    Gus Kenworthy

    6Joss Christensen12.0086.3335.3386.33
    7Antti Ollila79.3385.0035.6685.00
    8Russ Henshaw78.6664.6613.3378.66

SnoCross Adaptive

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    Even at 32 years old, Mike Schultz showed that he can still hang with the young guns, coming away with yet another gold medal in the SnoCross Adaptive event.

    Schultz had a pretty sizable lead throughout, coming in first around 14 seconds before the next rider. This was Schultz's fourth consecutive gold medal in the event at the X Games, his fifth overall gold and seventh overall medal.

    After getting the bronze in last year's event Garrett Goodwin was able to grab the silver medal this year. 44-year-old Doug Henry essentially switched places with Goodwin, finishing with the bronze after getting the silver last year.



    1Mike Schultz4:36.557
    2Garrett Goodwin4:50.254
    3Doug Henry4:54.665
    4Jim Wazny5:05.502
    5E.J. Poplawski5:19.191

    Chris Heppding

    7Paul Thacker16:39.999

Women's Ski Slopestyle

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    After tearing her ACL three times in six years, including one just around six months ago, Kaya Turski jusr proved to the world that she's still got it.

    In an inspiring performance, Turski pulled out a terrific second run to record a 91.33, helping her win yet another gold medal. It was her fifth X Games gold medal and seventh medal overall.

    From knee surgery to the X Games podium, @kayaturski takes home her FIFTH X Games gold medal:

    — X Games (@XGames) January 26, 2014

    In her first X Games event ever, Maggie Voisin was able to come out with a silver after putting up a very nice 90.00 on her second run. The most impressive part? She's just 15 and will be the youngest United States Olympian to participate in Sochi.

    Kim Lamarre struggled in her first two runs, but scored an 85.00 on her final run to sneak into the podium with a bronze medal. At 25 years old, it was her first ever medal in the X Games.

    RankNameRun 1Run 2Run 3Best

    Kaya Turski

    86.3391.33 26.33 91.33 
    2Maggie Voisin88.00 90.00 72.66 90.00 
    3Kim Lamarre


    65.00 85.00 85.00 
    4Dara Howell3.00 77.33 84.00 84.00 
    5Devin Logan81.33 69.33 83.66 83.66 
    6Keri Herman78.66 64.33 25.33 78.66 
    7Darian Stevens16.00 76.33 41.00 76.33 
    8Yuki Tsubota72.00 75.33 74.33 75.33 

Snowmobile Snowcross

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    At this point, no one is surprised who won the Monster Energy Snowmobile Snowcross.

    Once again, 29-year-old Tucker Hibbert came away with the gold. He finished the race in 12:27.984, around 14 seconds quicker than anyone else. He continues to assert his dominance in the event, winning it for the seventh straight time at the X Games.

    Make it a 7-peat! Tucker Hibbert (@hibbert68) dominates the field at X Games Aspen.

    — X Games (@XGames) January 26, 2014

    The young up-and-comer Kody Kamm was able to get his first X Games medal, finishing with a silver in a very tight finish with Justin Broberg, who came up just two seconds short of the silver, finishing with the bronze medal instead.

    1Tucker Hibbert12:27.984
    2Kody Kamm12:41.743
    3Justin Broberg12:43.969
    4Tim Tremblay12:51.629
    5Kyle Pallin12:55.527
    6Darrin Mees13:13.386
    7Adam Renheim13:24.940
    8Petter Narsa12:32.196
    9Johan Lidman12:33.530
    10Dave Joanis12:35.165
    11Cody Thomsen12:50.230
    12Iain Hayden13:11.251
    13Matt Morin10:15.342
    14Mike Bauer8:40.332
    15Logan Christian


Men's Snowboard SuperPipe

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    After so many tries at the X Games SuperPipe, 25-year-old Danny Davis was finally able to do something he's never done: win the gold medal.

    In fact, Davis has never earned an X Games medal in any event before this one, and he's been participating since 2006, so a performance like this one has to be satisfying for him. He finished with two very strong rounds, with each one over graded at over 93.

    Now, Davis will be preparing for Sochi at the Winter Olympics.

    US Olympian Danny Davis just won @XGames Gold. Fans of the red, white and blue are hoping it’s foreshadowing a gold medal run in Sochi.

    — ESPN (@espn) January 27, 2014

    Louie Vito came in second, earning a silver medal, with this being his best career run at the SuperPipe in his career. He wasn't far off from Davis, posting a 93.00. Greg Bretz finished with the bronze, also earning his first career medal at the X Games.

    RankNameRun 1Run 2Run 3Best
    1Danny Davis





    2Louie Vito10.6693.0016.0093.00
    3Greg Bretz 89.3387.0021.3389.33
    4 Scotty James65.0085.3388.0088.00
    5Ben Ferguson49.3387.0043.3387.00
    6 Iouri Podladtchikov 30.0031.0083.3383.33
    7 Yiwei Zhang 81.6626.0052.0081.66
    8Benji Farrow23.336.6659.0059.00