Don't Tell Rob Dibble About Balls and Strikes

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IJune 5, 2009

Nats’ color man Rob Dibble took issue with a late game pitch that was just a bit low on Adam Dunn last night that was called for a strike. Oh yeah, in case you hadn’t heard, San Francisco Giants pitcher Randy Johnson was going for his 300th win in a close game, which he got.

Dibble’s reaction - as transcribed by B&C:

Dibble: They have not called that strike all year. Joe Kerrigan, pitching coach for Pittsburgh, talked about it—they don’t give that knee strike anymore. You can’t just call strikes because a guy is going for his 300th victory.

The Nats have won fewer games than the Springfield Isotopes, and will likely lose another draft pick. Nothing about the club shouts, “deserve a close call in a Hall of Fame moment,” even at home.

Color commentary fail.

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