A Knife in the Heart: Jose Reyes Has a Tear in Hammy

Michael GanciCorrespondent IJune 5, 2009

Kevin Burkhardt of SNY recently posted a report on Twitter that will make Mets’ fans around the world want to crawl into a corner and die. “Jose Reyes has a tear in his right hamstring tendon. Add SS to the list of Mets needs,” wrote Burkhardt.

He later added, “The Mets say this is a new injury and that he will rest for two days before being reevaluated. My guess is you won’t see him until all star break.” This is obviously terrible news for the Mets, but hopefully the re-evaluation will reveal that this is a mistake, but let’s be real.

This is something that is going to be near impossible to battle back from. Playing an extended amount of time without Reyes is like driving a car without an engine. It’s impossible.

Reyes is important in so many ways. His speed creates runs by itself, and his defense is excellent. We have already seen how important that is while watching Ramon Martinez try to field balls at short.

The bottom line is that Reyes is still very young, so he needs to make sure that he doesn’t do something that will jeopardize his career. If he needs to be out for an extended period of time, I am not sure Alex Cora will suffice as the every day shortstop.

Just add that to the list of needs, as Burkhardt said, and this is making the lack of depth in the Mets organization seem like much more of a problem.

The Mets will likely be players for somebody if Reyes is indeed out for a long period of time. One guy who has been mentioned on multiple occasions for the orange and blue is Mark DeRosa, who is capable of playing almost any position on the field.

This is just getting out of hand. I have never seen players drop like flies like this. If the Mets can win with this team, it is nothing short of a miracle.


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