Old Picture of Magic Johnson at Lakers' Picnic Surfaces

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJanuary 17, 2014

via Imgur

Looking back into the past is always fun to do, as it shows us just how much everything has changed.

Magic Johnson was a big deal when he was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. However, that didn't stop him from taking bizarre photos with people, via Imgur:

via Imgur

For those wondering, Reddit user ILikeBlazing said that the man is wearing shorts. In that era, shorts were pretty short.

The user gave a little bit of information on the photo:

My Dad was good friends with Jerry Buss' niece, and was invited to a Lakers' picnic. He played volleyball all his life and Magic, along with a few others, wanted to test his skills. He played Magic and as he was going up for a spike, my Dad slammed it back into his face to win the game. Magic came up to him after, grabbed him and said, "Next time, you're on my team." They both had a good laugh and my Dad swooped him up into his arms.

A simple team picnic resulted in a picture that is still hilarious to look at. 

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