Carlo Ancelotti: Is He the Right Man for Chelsea?

Rocky GettersSenior Writer IJune 1, 2009

MILAN, ITALY - DECEMBER 23:  Carlo Ancelotti, headcoach of AC Milan gestures during the Serie A match between Inter Milan and AC Milan at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on December 23, 2007 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by New Press/Getty Images)

It seems it's just a matter of time until Chelsea will announce Carlo Ancelotti as their new manager.

Though Chelsea has ended the season on a high note by winning the prestigious FA Cup, they look anxiously toward their future.

And many wonder...Is Ancelotti the right man for Chelsea at this stage?

Seems like at least Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic thinks so.

Carlo Ancelotti is no doubt available after parting ways with Italian giants AC Milan after reaching a "mutual consent." And have no doubts, managing an EPL team is a dream job for anyone in the business.

It's no secret that the Russian billionaire wants his team to taste European success. He wants, he craves, and lusts for that elusive Champions League title for his beloved club.

And Ancelotti is the man to do it.

Records speak for themselves.

Ancelotti is one of the few distinguished men to have won the Champions League title, both as a player and a manager. He understands the game better than most and knows what it takes to perform on European stage.

He took Milan to that European glory two times as a manager during his stay at Milan in 2003 and 2007.

Chelsea has performed well in the Champions league, coming close a couple of times, but the title has evaded them.

Maybe Ancelotti is the man who can finally get the results.

But for true English fans of this West London club, it's the EPL that needs to be snatched from Manchester United.

Carlo Ancelotti is a great manager.

He is a master tactician, has a profound understanding of the game, and knows how to handle pressure in big matches. And most teams would be happy to welcome him in a managerial role.

Motivating players for big matches shouldn't be a problem for him. He is neither passive nor too eccentric. But he has the right attitude toward the players as individuals and as a team on the whole.

One of the many things Chelsea will need to go the distance in the EPL next season, is a strong bench. Chelsea has had a habit, especially with unlimited Russian money at their disposal, to bring in big name players and expect them to win them titles right away.

Ancelotti has shown two things at Milan.

Firstly, his knack of bringing in the right young players and ensuring that they play well, as in case of Kakas and Patos. And secondly, his ability to handle big names and keeping the team strong and united.

One thing I hope Ancelotti will do, if and when he assumes that post, is to bring in more young English players from other English clubs and from the Chelsea youth team.

I have said it before, and I'll say it again, we need more English players in the big four. There is immense talent in England, someone just needs to care enough.

He had his fair share of criticism while at Milan.

Settling for a 1-0 instead of sealing the game up, not getting the team through some mundane matches they were expected to win, depending too much on the star players, and the like. He was also the first person to be dumped with blame whenever the team slumped in form.

Besides, EPL is different from Serie A in many ways and poses many challenges in front of Ancelotti, and his debatable English-speaking abilities is not even one of them!

There's no doubt, Ancelotti is great.

But can he achieve with the Blues, what he achieved with the Rossoneri?


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