David Beckham Gets Rather Emotional Watching 'Armageddon' and 'Friends'

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 18, 2013

You would never accuse Armageddon and Friends of having much in common other than being excellent drains of your time. Oh, and they also turn David Beckham into a mess of human emotions. 

Thanks to For The Win's Nick Schwartz, we have video proof that the former football star is just like us, minus the obvious discrepancy in bank account and fame. 

We take you to the seven-minute mark of the video. 

Beckham is speaking with BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw about The Class of '92, which came to DVD earlier this month.

Here is a trailer of the documentary:

He had just admitted that things became rather emotional when he reunited with his former teammates, something we may have guessed considering the impact that team had in Manchester United's success. 

The interview also features discussion on Beckham's youth and his move back to London. It's all there if you want to comb through the video, but the interesting part is how emotional he can become.

Beckham states, "I'm kind of an emotional wreck in movies; I can't get through some movies without shedding a tear. I can't lie." 

Now Grimshaw offers the comedic suggestion of Aladdin, to which Beckham continues with a smile, "Armageddon."

To which we say:

If you don't ball up into a human cocoon of emotional effluence when Harry Stamper says his goodbyes, well, I don't know how to help you feel. 

Beckham continues, "I'm the same when I'm watching The Office, or when I'm watching Friends." 

As for this particular film, Beckham admits he did get a little choked up. I guess it doesn't pack the wallop that comes with Chandler walking in to find Monica surrounded by candles and...I can't continue or I'll break down in tears

I now have the urge to watch Marley & Me with Becks, because movie night with him is sure to run the spectrum of human emotions. 

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