Thomas "Wildman" Denny: Beat Down By A Bully

Marco YanitelliAnalyst IMay 30, 2009

Oh this guy is special, unique in fact. And I don’t just mean in the way everyone is unique either...

Thomas Denny is famous. Oh he isn’t famous for being a former Welterweight KOTC Champion. No, no , he isn’t famous for having a 44-fight career. He isn’t even famous for the massively bizarre marketing and promotional campaigns he engages in to advertise himself.

Thomas “Wildman” Denny is the only Bully-beater to ever lose on Bully Beatdown, Mayhem Miller’s wonderful new show on MTV. He’s the only fighter to fail to submit the “Bully” and also fail to stop him in the second round. Wow.

What was Mayhem thinking when he picked this fighter anyway?

Thomas Denny has a combined MMA record of 26-18. While he may have been a KOTC Champion for a short time, he has lost nearly every major contest he has been in.

This writer had the misfortune of seeing Denny’s antics at KOTC “Primetime” in 2005. He defeated an utter nobody with the merely referential name of James Kirmse. It was a good time during the event to go get a “beverage.”

Over the course of his lengthy career he amassed a single notable victory over Tony Fryklund at the “Beatdown in Bakersfield”. Perhaps it was Denny’s previous “Beatdown” experience that influenced Mayhem to select him for his MTV show.

Whatever the case, his notable losses are quite numerous and include just about every real fighter he ever faced.

These include crushing defeats at the merciless hands of fighters such as Yves Edwards, John Alessio, Alex Karalexis, Joe Stevenson, George St. Pierre, Duane Ludwig, Chris Brennan, Nick Diaz, and most recently he was KO’d by the 103 year old Pat Miletich on Dec. 11, 2008.

Apparently Jack Lalanne wasn’t available...

Bottom line is that he keeps getting work. Even on TV! Even on MTV’s Bully Beatdown where he added to his impressive resume by losing all $10,000 to the “Bully” - sending the hapless “Bully” victims home with nothing. (Except perhaps a beating from the “Bully” when they got home though.)

In any event, Thomas Denny may go down in MMA history, but he will go in for his failures rather than anything considered positive.

Just Say No! Stay In School! Don’t be a Denny!


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