Prospal Came, Briere Conquered: A Line Chemistry Made in Hockey Heaven

Timothy WCorrespondent IApril 20, 2008

Prospal has fit in perfectly with Danny Briere, and their playoff numbers prove why.

Briere leads the Stanley Cup Playoffs in goals (5) and points (9) and owes a lot of his success to Vasclav Prospal.

Since coming to Philadelphia on February 25, Prospal helped improve the second half of the Flyers season by formulating a magical line chemistry between the Briere and himself.

Throughout sixteen games playing along side Prospal, Briere tallied nine goals and a scored a combined total of 17 points before the start of the playoffs.

Briere continued his impressive play with Prospal in Game 1 against the Washington Capitals, scoring twice, assisted once from Prospal and assisted on one of Prospal’s own goals as well.

Game three was not different as Briere netted two more goals from two of Prospal’s feeds.

Briere had a decent first season in Philly before the Flyers grabbed Prospal, scoring 22 goals and 55 points, but his minus 22 rating was something that stuck out to Flyers GM, Paul Holmgren and he felt Briere could use somebody different on his line.

Holmgren traded for Prospal from Tampa Bay for the Flyers young defenseman Alexandre Picard and a draft pick.

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Prospal also found a lot of success with Briere on his line as he scored four goals and 14 points in just 18 games.

If Briere and Prospal can continue to produce numbers such as these together, the future is bright for Philadelphia.


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