NFL Draft: Where Does DeSean Jackson Go?

David RichardsonSenior Analyst IApril 20, 2008

I bet you're all  thinking about  D-Mac, Glenn Dorsey, Chris  Long (Howie Long's son),  Matt Ryan and more. What about DeSean Jackson?

Well, here are my top 6 ideas for where he'll end up.

1. Philadelphia Eagles, 1st round- The Eagles are probably going to pick a WR in the 1st round. Almost all WRs will still be on the board. I'd pick DeSean.

2. Tennessee Titans, 2nd round- I think the Titans are drafting a CB in the first round,  but WR is still a slight problem (besides Randy Gay). If he's still available I think Tennessee would take him.

3. Baltimore Ravens, 1st round- You probably think this is crazy for 2 reasons. First, you probably think that in the 1st round the Ravens will pick Matt Ryan. Second, the Ravens need a QB. Well, Ryan will be taken (the Dolphins/Falcons come to mind). Plus, Joe Flacco does not deserve a 1st round pick; I think we all know that. Flacco will probably still be available in the 2nd anyway. Sounds like a good plan to me.

4. Baltimore Ravens, 2nd round- Although I disagree, let's pretend the Ravens draft Matt Ryan in the 1st. Well, the rest is simple: they draft a WR (DeSean Jackson) and practice using him as a tool for Matt.

5. Washington Redskins, 2nd round- I'll assume the Skins pick a big TE in the 1st round. In the 2nd, they pick DeSean to mix it up.

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6. Washington Redskins, 1st round- The reason this is last is because, as I said before, the Redskins are drafting a big TE. The reason it's in here at all is because the big idea is Washington drafting someone who cathces the ball.