Orlando Magic Diehards Smash a Cavalier

Jessica DAnalyst IMay 28, 2009

On Wednesday afternoon, in celebration of the Magic's win over LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers, 116-114, Orlando's Real Radio 104.1's The Buckethead Show procured a Chevy Cavalier, and smashed it with a sledgehammer.

After decorating the red Cavalier with spray paint, members of the show, as well as other Magic diehards, took their turns on the car like it was a pinata.

Speaking of pinata, the same radio show created a Big Baby Davis pinata during the Magic-Celtics series, and took a nice few whacks to it after the Boston star hit his famous game winning three against the Magic in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

There's no doubt that the city of Orlando is electrified and ready to watch their team take on the Cavaliers in a do-or-die matchup for LeBron and his crew.

Here's a link to the Cavalier smash slideshow.

Enjoy! Let's Go Magic! Blue and White Ignite!

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