Why I Love Baseball: From Which Hope Rises

Sixty Feet, Six Inches Correspondent IMay 26, 2009

Why I Love Baseball is a nine week series that will be posted on Tuesdays. This week it makes its debut.

I love baseball, in case that wasn't strongly hinted at by the title, the graphic or the lead-in. A few weeks ago I was thinking about why I love this game so much. I know I'm not crazy, because people just like myself fill stadiums every year to watch the game.

Across this diverse nation of ours, little kids every spring play on little league teams, while the bigger children join intramural teams, church leagues, or beer leagues. We love baseball. Perhaps that stupid marketing campaign was right.

While many of us love this grand ol' game, I can only speak for myself. I can only give my reasons through my experiences. So I've decided to share some of the various reasons I thought of as to why I love baseball.

This doesn't mean that you can't join in. If you're willing to send us an email at sixtyftsixin@gmail.com giving us a reason or an anecdote telling us why you also love baseball, we'll include in next week's installment.

This series is nine weeks long (get it? like nine innings? I'm so clever. At least clever enough to copy Ken Burns) and every week you'll see a different reason why.

This week: Baseball brings hope.

When spring training starts it signifies multiple things. It tells us that spring is here. Soon the boys of summer will take the field. Before we realize it our nights will be filled with warm summer air. Once again we can go outside and play. We can sit back, relax and just watch the grass grow.

Hope resides here—the prospect of better times to come. All the slates are clean. You can debate off-season moves, talk about how last season ended, but all of that means nothing on Opening Day.

Games are not played on paper and every team has an 0-0 record. The months to come will show the quality of the team assembled, but on that day, even in the hearts of the most cynical fans, there's hope that this could be their year.

This hope doesn't just end in major cities and the major leagues. In towns big and small baseball brings hope. There's hope that there will be a major league career in your future, that you might see a future star play, or perhaps the hope that your local high school will win a state championship.

Perhaps the hope is as simple as a wish that you can pass on your love of the game to the next generation.

Baseball is also our escape. No matter how bad your day has been, there will always be baseball. Even if your favorite team doesn't play so well, a day with baseball is always better than one without it.

It's always something to look forward to. Your boss/professor/teacher may be a jerk, but there's something soothing in the crack of the bat or the voice of your favorite announcer.

This game raises your spirits, it gives you hope. It lets you believe that even though things may look bad, you're only a rally away from turning it all around.

And sometimes your favorite team breaks your heart, but there's always the hope that you'll get them tomorrow.

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