WWE Has No Tag Division?...What are You Waiting For?!

Anthony HammettCorrespondent IMay 26, 2009

TNA possibly awoke a sleeping giant, if someone in the WWE has any sense.

The opportunity to answer Team 3D's claim that tag team wrestling in "the other company" is dead is right in front of you.

They are already off to a nice start.

I hate those dang Colon boys, but the crowd feels differently than I do apparently.

It has been a good long while since they unified the tag titles against The Miz & Morrison at Wrestlemania (in a dark match, nonetheless. How sad.).

Their long run has to end at some point, but I can't imagine to whom. When Brian Kendrick finds the right partner, maybe it will happen then. Either way, they are a nice tag team to build around (the Colons).

ECW has The Hart Dynasty. That has opportunity written all over it. The only problem is...it is on ECW.

I understand that you have to air something on the time slot if you have a contract signed with NBC Universal for the Sci-Fi channel, but why waste talent like that on that show?

Who can they possibly face every week before eventually turning on each other?

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Legacy is possibly the best addition to tag team wrestling that the WWE has to offer. Before Cody Rhodes joined Legacy, he was very green. He still is at times, but he has matured a ton since joining Orton's group and teaming with DiBiase.

Ted has matured as well. They use their fathers' names to their advantage, yet they create their own characters.

They do Orton's dirty work and still keep their own status and dominance as well. It is written perfectly and I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

Depending on how Jeff's contract situation goes, you could always reunite the Hardys.

I know it's old and repetitive, but the crowd eats it up every time and would forget everything about their previous story lines if it happens. That's the average wrestling fan for you.

This brings me to the biggest opportunity of all. I'm sure you're wondering why I waited this long and have yet to discuss the picture at the beginning of the story.

Sure, Edge is currently the World Heavyweight Champion. Christian is currently the ECW champion. They have both done very well for themselves as singles competitors.

Maybe I'm being irrational.

Just like John Cena's raps and HHH's manipulating mind games, the five second pose may be a thing of the past that we never see again.

They don't need cheesy gimmicks or great promos to push their characters anymore.

They don't need each other to do it.

But if they did...

Just think about the entertainment value. ECW would have ZERO quality promo work if Christian didn't save it on a weekly basis.

Who can cut a promo better than Edge?

Anyone who says they hate it, that's the point. You hate it so much that you watch it week after week just hoping someone shuts it up, but you watch.

So, you see, tag team wrestling in the WWE is not dead. It is actually alive and well. The possibilities are there. TNA has Team 3D, Motor City Machine Guns, Beer Money, LAX, Lethal Consequences, and No Limit?

The WWE has Legacy, Colons, Hart Foundation 2.0, and the possibilities that I mentioned above. Also, for a few short weeks, Charlie Haas was teaming with Shelton Benjamin.

Haas is nothing without Benjamin and Benjamin is better with Haas by his side. I know he doesn't want it that way, but it's just true.

So WWE, the ball is in your court.

You can act like TNA doesn't exist every week and choose to ignore everything they say, or you could use it against them and put survival of the fittest into play.

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