Pittsburgh Penguins' Pascal Dupuis Takes Stick to Face, Pulls Out His Own Teeth

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterOctober 31, 2013

Do-it-yourself dentistry: still a hallmark of the professional hockey player.

Pascal Dupuis became the most recent member of the NHL to do a bit of impromptu dental work after catching some “friendly fire” during a matchup against the Boston Bruins on Wednesday night.

The Pittsburgh Penguins right winger was harrying Boston’s Carl Soderberg when he caught a high stick from teammate Kris Letang. The next thing viewers knew, they were watching Dupuis pick loose teeth out of his mouth on the Pittsburgh bench.

The gnarly sight was picked up by Brandon Wenerd of BroBible.com, and yep—nothing to see here. Just Dupuis digging out some Chiclets.

Notice the Pittsburgh trainer, who presumably stood by for emotional support, considering he didn’t have to do anything. There were no questions or conferring between Dupuis and the medical professional, just pulling and teeth leaving a mouth (is it just me, or can you hear the tooth popping loose?).

Dupuis handed the teeth over to the trainer, and according to NBC NHL analyst Pierre McGuire, didn’t miss a single shift due to the incident.

Simply put, hockey fans loved it:

Pascal Dupuis is more than man - ripping those teeth out.

— B'sCaptain Steve Ott (@PezDOY) October 31, 2013

So pascal dupuis pulls two of his teeth out on the bench after getting high sticked......and plays the next shift #what #tough #manliestman

— Jordan MacDonald (@Jordan_Aerobics) October 31, 2013

On a side note... pascal dupuis took out 2 teeth while on the bench last night didn't miss a shift. Well okay then

— Flick (@RyanFlicksayshi) October 31, 2013

Dupuis's teeth-pulling even inspired a Halloween costume for one fan.

Already have the beard...thinking I'll just black out two teeth and go as Pascal Dupuis to work today. #Pens #Halloween

— Jim (@PandaPSU) October 31, 2013

Yep, that’s hockey. It’s the kind of sport where players lose/damage important parts of their anatomy—parts that don’t grow back—and treat it as an annoyance.

Even better, some bearded guy is going to walk around on Halloween night with two of his teeth blacked-out in honor of this act of extreme toughness. That’s a tribute to both the sport and Dupuis.

Pittsburgh went on to defeat Boston 3-2 and is 9-4 on the season.

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