10 Most Explosive Wide Receivers in 2014 Recruiting Class

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IOctober 17, 2013

10 Most Explosive Wide Receivers in 2014 Recruiting Class

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    Aside from size, one of the initial things to look for in a receiver is explosiveness. Receivers have to be able to surge off the line. If they can't, cornerbacks will easily smother them, and their timing with the quarterback will be thrown off.

    The 2014 recruiting class has a ton of good receiver prospects, but several of them exhibit better explosiveness than others. These receivers can launch into their routes, immediately threaten secondaries and also have the ability to transfer upfield in a flash after the catch.

    They will be exploding on a field near you soon.

    Player evaluations are based on review of tape at Scout.comRivals247Sports and ESPNU

Thaddeus Snodgrass

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    At 6'1" and 170 pounds, Thaddeus Snodgrass is one of the most sudden athletes in the country. He shows great explosiveness on tape, as he can quickly eat up cushion and get even with a cornerback.

    The 4-star receiver, who is committed to Kentucky, has excellent speed to get on top of secondaries. He will command a safety on top of him in college, can shoot out of his breaks to separate from coverage and has a great upfield surge after catching passes underneath.  

Markell Pack

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    Hailing from Mississippi, 4-star receiver Markell Pack has made a name for himself thanks to being explosive. He's dynamite off the line, can stretch the field due to his speed and makes cornerbacks nervous.

    Pack, who is 6'2" and 180 pounds, has good athleticism and detaches easily from coverage. He can elude jams at the line of scrimmage, cuts sharply at junctions and has the speed to make big plays after the catch.

    Pack will fit right in at Florida State. 

Jesse Jackson

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    A 4-star prospect, Jesse Jackson has a chance to become one of the better receivers Dan Mullen has had at Mississippi State. He is 6'2", 195 pounds and can skate around the field with speed and quickness.

    The future Bulldog is sudden in his release off the line, annoys cornerbacks by bursting out of his cuts when running routes and has good speed. What is most noticeable about Jackson is that he can do everything at full speed, while most receivers need to throttle down a bit to cut.

    He can make plays on the third level, as his speed puts him immediately on the radar for safeties and he has good skills as a runner after the catch.  

Artavis Scott

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    Clemson will love Artavis Scott, a 4-star receiver from Florida. He is not the biggest player in the country at 5'10" and 175 pounds, but does a great deal of damage nonetheless.

    Scott surges into his routes, and is dangerous in the slot. He is one of the best route-runners in the country, as he does an exceptional job of sinking his hips and firing out of his cuts. Scott has graceful athleticism, separates quickly from defenders and has great stop-and-start ability. 

Lamar Parker

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    A 3-star receiver, Lamar Parker is not as well-known as other receivers are on this list. However, he is among the most explosive players at the position in the country.

    Parker lacks great size at 5'8" and 152 pounds, but he makes up for it with excellent speed and quickness. He wastes little time getting off the line, as he runs like he's hungry. The Miami native has no issues skating out of his cuts, is open often and has the ability to make big plays.

    He will be best in the slot and in motion during his college days at West Virginia. Also, do not be shocked if he plays a few snaps at running back, or if he returns kicks and punts on special teams.   

Ermon Lane

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    Although his long-speed can be questioned, none can argue against the quickness and burst of 5-star receiver Ermon Lane. He is a quicker-than-fast athlete who stands 6'3" and 193 pounds.

    The Florida commit can dart off the line, quickly get upfield and sharply cut when running routes. For a tall receiver, Lane has good quickness out of his breaks and has just enough speed to consistently be a threat on the third level.

    Lane excels due to his ability to explode off the line and out of his cuts.  

Armanti Foreman

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    Armanti Foreman is a 5'11", 176-pound receiver who has fantastic explosiveness off the line. He forces cornerbacks to panic, eludes jams well and has great lateral quickness.

    Foreman, a Texas commit, also possesses outstanding speed. He has smooth athleticism, skates out of cuts and can be a sharply precise route-runner. Foreman can climb the ladder on the perimeter to get to the third level, and has a quick upfield transfer in the post-catch phase of a play.  

Johnnie Dixon

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    At 5'10" and 187 pounds, Johnnie Dixon has deceptive strength, which he uses to combat press-man coverage. The Florida native has solid speed, but shows better short-area quickness.

    Dixon is a great route-runner, as he works with good awareness, athleticism and surges out of his breaks. He's tough to cover due to his separation quickness, and can be elusive after the catch.  

KD Cannon

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    A 5-star receiver, KD Cannon can explode like a bomb on the field. He is 6'0", weighs 162 pounds and has a chance to become a No. 1 receiver at Baylor.

    Cannon has the speed of a sprinter, gobbles up cushion in a flash on the perimeter and skates out of his breaks. He is a graceful athlete, doesn't have to decelerate to get in and out of his breaks and has a sudden transfer upfield after he hauls in passes. 

    He will fit in well in the Bears' spread offense, as he will score a lot of touchdowns and make a lot of plays deep.  

Speedy Noil

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    Speedy Noil knows he is explosive, and he shows it every chance he gets. The 5-star Louisiana native plays quarterback for Edna Karr High School in New Orleans, but he will be a receiver in college.

    Noil has a rare combination of speed, quickness, elusiveness, athleticism and an exceptional burst that is immediately noticeable on film. He is a 5'10.5", 176-pound speedster who is blessed with great instincts with the ball, agility and dynamic stop-and-start ability.

    This list would not be legit without Noil being on it.  

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