Judgment Day Fails to Deliver: A Great Disappointment

Jared Farver@Farver24Correspondent IMay 18, 2009

When Randy Orton punted Triple H and pinned him for the three count, I was ready for the Age of Orton to begin.

I was ready for the sadistic and insane side of Orton. I wanted him to be a complete bad ass who no one could control.

I didn't want Orton to be a coward.

Last night at Judgment Day, we saw Randy Orton run from Batista and cling to the ring post.

This, along with most of Judgment Day, was a huge disappointment for me.

Randy Orton looked like a coward and a loser in his match against Batista. A coward is not something the WWE wants to build around, so why let your champion be a coward?

If Randy Orton is the next big thing, he should not be a coward. If he is going to be the WWE Champion for longer than a month, he should not be a coward.

When Randy Orton was feuding with Triple H earlier this year, it made sense to have Orton look cowardly.

He was fighting a man named Triple H, who was enraged and wanted to kill him. Orton had punted Triple H's Father-in-Law and RKOed his wife. Triple H was also walking around with a sledgehammer that he intended to use on Orton.

After Backlash, I figured Orton would have conquered any fear he had. He finally dethroned Triple H, who has always had Orton's number.

Then a few weeks later, along with the rest of Legacy, Orton destroyed Shane McMahon.

This ended the McMahon and Orton rivalry.

Randy Orton was destroying everything in his way and he was doing it with a sadistic smile on his face. This was exactly what I was waiting/counting on!

Then suddenly it all changed for the worse.

Batista beat the Big Show to become the number one contender and he was set to face Randy Orton for his belt.

I expected Randy Orton to dominate Batista all the way up to Judgment Day. Randy Orton, Batista, and Triple H have feuded every which way for a while and it's time for Orton to step up as the man between these three.

Instead, Batista has made Randy Orton and Legacy look weak. Batista has wrestled every member from Legacy and he has dominated every member of the WWE Champion's stable.

The episode of Raw before Judgment Day saw Batista as a man who looked insane. He took out Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes. Then he beat Orton with a chair and even after Ted and Cody came out, he continued to beat on Orton.

I was hoping Judgment Day would be different but as soon as I heard the Orton and Batista match would be before the John Cena and Big Show match I knew it wouldn't be a great match.

The entire match looked like re-runs of the past two weeks of Raw.

Batista continued to make Randy Orton look weak and cowardly, with help from Ric Flair. Batista lost by DQ but it was clear he still has the upper hand in this feud.

Now that Batista has Ric Flair by his side, I'm afraid this feud could last a lot longer than we all thought.

He may even end up with the WWE Championship in his hands after it is all said and done!

This would be a huge mistake for the WWE.

Instead of making Batista look unstoppable, the WWE should be making Randy Orton not only look but become unstoppable.

That is when he is at his best.

If Randy Orton's gimmick is to be weak and a coward then he shouldn't be the WWE Champion.

Let's hope Orton quits using cowardly tactics and once again begins a hot streak.


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