Detroit Tigers' Prince Fielder Eats a Fan's Nachos After Missing Pop-Fly

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 19, 2013

Prince Fielder was hungry, which is neither shocking nor newsworthy. However, the manner in which he went about satiating those pangs in his stomach certainly is. 

It seems the Detroit Tigers star first baseman is a fan of nachos—again, not a worthwhile factoid to amaze your friends with. 

On Thursday afternoon, per SportsGrid, Fielder and the rest of his first-place Tigers were taking on the Seattle Mariners. It was the kind of lazy September matchup that would barely move the meter nationally. Detroit would win the game, 5-4, and stay atop the AL Central by 6.5 games. 

Meanwhile, the Mariners take their 86th loss of the season and loom 22.5 games back in the AL West. If ever there were a time to take a snack break during an actual game, it would be in the fifth inning of Thursday's game—at least that's what Fielder seems to think. 

The Mariners' Mike Zunino hits a ball to the first-base side. That's when Fielder gets on his horse and sprints to catch the foul pop fly. Having one of the slower horses in MLB, he fails to reach it in time. 

That's fine, because his momentum carries him to the stands where a puzzled fan is standing with a box of nachos in-hand.

Being of sizable proportions myself, I am fully aware of Fielder's plight. You don't simply pass a plate full of delicious junk food without feeling the urge to reach out and snag a bite. 

However, you don't take another man's nachos. I think there is a man code about such a thing. Or was it French fries?

This fan was probably very happy to oblige with some impromptu sustenance. Having Fielder snag one of your chips is only slightly better than leaving with a foul ball. 

Now let this be a lesson for you stingy Tigers fans. Hide your food when Fielder is nearby, because he has no qualms about helping himself to the platter. 

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