Jeremy Lin Goes 1-of-3 from the Field Against Palo Alto's Mayor

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 18, 2013

Jeremy Lin should be fine this season as long as he doesn't have to face Palo Alto mayor Greg Scharff on the court. 

SportsGrid happened upon one of the many videos floating around the Internet proving NBA stars are doing their best to keep in game shape this offseason. 

Sure, this may not be Marc Gasol dishing full-court dimes in Europe, but it's equally entertaining. 

Lin is back in Palo Alto to help open the Mitchell Park Library, so general goodwill was running high. You can even hear an adorable kid proclaim, "Oh, you touched him, Oh my God!" right after seeing his pal shake the star's hand. 

Then someone had the bright idea to have Lin take on the mayor in a friendly game of one-on-one. According to Palo Alto Online's Eric Van Susteren , Lin was given two minutes to score on Scharff, who didn't even need to warm up, it seems. 

This was, however, their way to "cut the ribbon" on the library. As Susteren states, scoring "would 'initiate' the court, to be played on for many years to come."

Unfortunately for Lin, he was met with quite the overzealous mayor looking to stifle the Houston Rockets guard from the start. Actually, it seemed this library was in serious risk of never opening. 

Lin seems to get blocked on the first shot and is unsuccessful with his second attempt. Thankfully, Lin can launch the long ball, and the community has their new library. 

We could sit here and continue to give Lin a hard time, but we know he was taking it easy on the mayor. There is no joy in breaking a city official's ankles. 

However, NBA general managers may want to have the mayor's number on speed dial if they ever need a Lin-stopper this season. 

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