Watch Rick Barry's Youngest Son Shoot Underhanded Free Throws in College

Zach Buckley@@ZachBuckleyNBANational NBA Featured ColumnistSeptember 5, 2013

It's hard to argue with Rick Barry's teaching credentials.

The Hall of Famer was selected to eight All-Star Games in his 10 NBA seasons, won the 1966-67 NBA scoring title, left the ABA with the highest career scoring average (30.5) and took home a championship ring and Finals MVP during the 1975 title series.

He also sent his sons to the NBA like most parents send their kids to summer camp. Four of them have played in the league, including two-time champion and current NBA TV analyst Brent.

Yet when Barry, No. 3 on the NBA's all-time career free-throw percentage list (90.0), tried spreading his message to those clearly in need, his words were ignored. He reached out to historically bad shooters like Shaquille O'Neal (52.7 percent) and Dwight Howard (57.7) but couldn't get them to buy his time-tested method.

What was the holdup?

Well, Barry shot his free throws underhanded—granny style in basketball lingo. Somewhere along the way, cool points had replaced the actual points that show up on the scoreboard.

But Barry has finally found someone willing to hear him out. He didn't have to look hard to do it.

Canyon Barry, Rick's youngest son and a redshirt freshman at the College of Charleston, has embraced substance over style.

He's firing from the charity stripe with the same form as his father—and surprise—it's working. According to CBS Sports' Jeff Borzello, a Charleston staffer says Canyon hits between 87 and 88 percent of his free throws.

He might catch some grief from opposing crowds, but history says he's likely to dish out more of it than he receives.

Call me crazy, but I'd say an underhanded make is cooler than an overhanded miss any day.


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