Australian Trick Shot Group Sets World Record for Highest Basketball Shot Ever

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterSeptember 3, 2013

Eat your heart out, Dude Perfect. 

Australian trick shot squad “How Ridiculous” is still the proud owner of the world record for highest altitude basketball shot.

After first securing the Guinness World Record for highest altitude basketball shot in 2011, the group recently climbed to the top of the EuroMast observation tower in Rotterdam, Netherlands in order to break their own mark.

Video of the 98 meter (321 foot) shot was spotted by Peter Blackburn of NextImpulseSports.com. According to How Ridiculous, the shot took 62 attempts to drain the shot.

Considering wind and distance, one could imagine that’s a pretty low number of tries for this level of trick shot. Six seconds pass from the time the ball leaves the shooter’s hand and slams down through the net, meaning there is plenty of room for error. You could be out there all day and not make this shot.

To give you an idea, Mr. “I Bet I Could Do it in 30,” this is what the hoop looked like from 321 feet above. The guys shooting claimed they couldn't even tell if the ball went in at first. 

These guys are professionals, however—or as professional as you can be when your job is pulling off mega-sized versions of trick shots from your childhood.

That being said, this isn’t How Ridiculous’ first rodeo. It may be their biggest trick yet, but their previous work has included some pretty phenomenal shots, too. Here are the guys doing aerial alley-oop shots off a slip and slide. 

They also did some work on the pitch.

Indeed, it’s a tough life being a professional trick shot specialist, but they do it for the right reasons. 

In addition to providing entertainment for all of us stuck in front of a computer during the week, How Ridiculous contributes portions of its earnings to “Compassion”—a not-for-profit Christian organization aimed at helping children living in poverty.

They’re setting records, chucking basketballs and they’re doing it for the kids. Bravo, gentlemen. Please carry on.

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