Why the New York Giants Are My Favorite Team

Matthew WatkinsContributor IMay 15, 2009

One of my uncles loved the New York Giants.

I didn't care much for football at the time. My dad was watching them the year before they made it to the Super Bowl. They were losing by maybe seven, I got hooked, and was very happy when they won that game.

Shortly after that, my uncle got a brain tumor and was told he had maybe six months to live. That upset me, but he still watched the Giants games.

The game before the Super Bowl, I wanted them to win for my uncle. Well they did and they were going against the Patriots.

The game started pretty even and we knew there was time in the game where everything could change. A good halftime with Tom Petty and the game was back on.

They were having a good game and my uncle was very satisfied with how it was going, that he couldn't leave his chair to get a beer.

They were losing towards the end and out of nowhere a pass was thrown to No. 17 for a touchdown. We jumped up and cheered them on, but there was still about two minutes left in the game.

There were a few times where I thought the Patriots would have gained serious yards, but the Giants defense held them off.

Then, time was up and the Giants were Super Bowl champions. Not their first, but Eli Manning's first.

About a month later my uncle passed away. It was very tough for me and my family, but every time I watch a Giants game I remember him.


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