Gilbert Arenas Shares How He Avoids Traffic Tickets and More Driving Advice

Tristan ThornburghSocial Media StaffAugust 26, 2013

Former NBA point guard Gilbert Arenas has had his share of vehicular legal trouble, but apparently has avoided plenty of other potential problems and fines with some helpful tips.

Arenas took to Instagram to explain how he has run 60 red lights in four months but avoids tickets by keeping his dealer plates on.Β 

In a separate post, Arenas once again let the Internet in on a secret by posting, "Can't text or talk on ur phones while driving in Cali but never said u couldn't play candy crush lol."

Finally, Arenas elaborated on the first piece of driving advice that doesn't involve legal ramifications (in theory) when he explained that traffic is his favorite place to holler at chicks.

Hopefully Arenas doesn't hurt anyone while he's playing Candy Crush and burning through red lights.

H/tΒ Larry Brown Sports


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