Brandon Jennings Gets Slapped in Face During Summer League Game

Adam Fromal@fromal09National NBA Featured ColumnistAugust 20, 2013

You know what's a real slap in the face when you're playing basketball? Actually getting slapped in the face. 

Tensions run high when competitive basketball players take the court together, as Brandon Jennings found out the hard way during a recent Drew League game. 

After getting scored on, the new member of the Detroit Pistons got in a bit of a confrontation with Mike Taylor and emerged with a nice handprint on his cheek.

Taylor, who was drafted out of Iowa State in 2008 by the Portland Trailblazers and boasts a mere 51 NBA appearances (2008-09 L.A. Clippers) on his resume, apparently took exception to something Jennings must have said. 

You could see the situation escalate after Taylor scored and started taunting Jennings, but there's still no need to hit anyone with an open hand. That's just uncalled for, and Taylor was appropriately ejected from the game. 

According to Danny Savitzky, a beat writer located in Los Angeles, Jennings didn't exactly take kindly to being slapped. His entire team evidently had to hold him back (there's no video evidence of that, though). 

From the sound of it, we're lucky that there wasn't a bigger brawl as a direct result of Taylor's actions. But if the former Cyclone ever returns to the sport's highest level, he probably won't want to be tasked with guarding the southpaw. 

If that happens, it's the box score that will be doing the slapping on Jennings' behalf. 


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