How Oregon's New Football Facility Will Impact Recruiting

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIAugust 1, 2013

Via GoDucks.com
Via GoDucks.com

Oregon has built a self-sustaining college football recruiting wonderland.

So this is what a $68 million dollar football facility looks like...    

It's not as if the Ducks need much help on the trail. Oregon is already one of the most popular schools in college football, and that doesn't appear to be changing, despite the fact that Chip Kelly jumped ship to the NFL.

The Ducks offense is still in place under new head coach Mark Helfrich, it still features Marcus Mariota at quarterback and the team still had about 10 million different jersey combinations to pick through on any given Saturday.

Oregon recruiting wasn't going anywhere, but this solidified it.

Tom Ley of Deadspin did the best job describing the facility—in a way only Deadspin could, of course: with a little bit of creativity and a bit of sarcasm. 

"Those look less like lockers and more like hyperbaric sleeping chambers, meant to house imperial clone soldiers."

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Star Wars fans are sure to appreciate the reference, but honestly, Ley is not that far of. Per usual, Oregon went above and beyond in making sure that everything about this facility was over-the-top awesome. 

It looks futuristic and sleek, almost as if it actually is the set of a new sci-fi movie coming out next summer. This is exactly the type of place that will have recruits buzzing. That's also exactly what the designer, Gene Sandoval, was going for, according to a report by Rob Moseley of GoDucks.com.

"That's about stealth," Sandoval said, a design concept he gleaned from meetings with players. "It's about University of Oregon football being this mysterious, high-tech, intimidating program."

From a practical standpoint, dedicated college football recruits should take one look at the weight room and the multiple film rooms and start salivating. Every football player needs to improve, and nothing makes that process easier than a decked-out weight room and a comfortable and big film space.

For recruits used to watching film in a cramped high school classroom or working out with old or sometimes even broken equipment (we've all been there), these facilities make committing to Oregon seem like a luxury.

That's not even considering the barber shop (yes, I'm serious) or the player lounge that appears to be the ultimate man cave.

If playing football at Oregon wasn't appealing enough, having access to these facilities could end up putting the Ducks over the top with recruits who are on the fence about committing.

Let's not overthink it. Simply put, this facility will give Oregon yet another huge advantage on the recruiting trail.

Note: Pictures via GoDucks.com.

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