Why Luis Suarez Would Be a Terrible Signing for Arsenal

Molly Tow@molly1016towCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2013

The risk involved with Luis Suarez isn't worth the steep fee it'll take for Arsenal to land him.
The risk involved with Luis Suarez isn't worth the steep fee it'll take for Arsenal to land him.Stanley Chou/Getty Images

Arsenal wants to change their eight-year championship drought, and they apparently think Liverpool forward and basket case Luis Suarez is the man to help them turn things around. This, however, would be foolish.

The most recent news on the Suarez saga is as follows. On July 26th, BBC Sport reported that Liverpool had rejected two consecutive Arsenal bids on the 26-year-old striker—the second being 40 million pounds plus one. James Dickenson of Daily Express then wrote on July 29th, Arsenal is now preparing to increase their offer. What makes this even more messy is that there's been "debate" over his contract clause, according to John Cross of Mirror.

Considering Real Madrid just made a bid of over 85 million pounds for Gareth Bale, Arsenal will likely have to seriously ramp up their projected fee in order to land Suarez:

So Suarez's ability is comparable to that of Bale. But is signing Suarez for a massive sum of money like that worth it for Arsenal? Not a a chance.

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Arsenal finished fourth in the Premier League in the 2012-13 season, and they didn't start getting their chemistry going until the latter part of the season. For them to catch up to the likes of Manchester City and Manchester United, they need more than just Suarez, as talented as he may be.

And speaking of chemistry, this guy is sure to shake things up. While he's a top-notch striker, he's not a team player and he's borderline insane. There's huge risk involved—knowing Suarez, he'll likely be suspended at some key moment (see last year's biting fiasco).

So while Suarez is capable of doing this:

He'll also pull stunts like these:

Jonathan Freedland of The Guardian wrote today that Arsenal should steer clear of Suarez, pointing out racism is a blaring issue.

Liverpool alum Michael Owen told BBC's Sportsweek that he would "be very surprised if he were to move to Arsenal. Madrid or Barcelona would make more sense." John Barnes, another ex-Liverpool player, just thinks Suarez needs to at least leave Liverpool, according to ESPN.co.uk.

The issue remains that Suarez will be a bad influence no matter where he goes. Arsenal is trying to build a club that can qualify for the Champions League, and they need a team that can mesh well together. Suarez is not part of that equation.


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