How I Entered Raider Nation

Yama Hazheer@Yama_HazheerCorrespondent IIMay 9, 2009

Let me start off by saying when I was in elementary school, I was just a bandwagon fan. I liked the Los Angeles Lakers, Detroit Red Wings, and the Dallas Cowboys. I hardly cared about liking a true team, that was until I entered middle school and became a die hard sports fan.

I started to actually like the teams in my area and I followed them religiously. I became a Golden State Warriors, San Jose Sharks, and Oakland Raiders fan.

I don't live in San Francisco or Oakland, I live somewhere else in the Bay Area. So what made me choose the Raiders over the 49ers?

I watched Super Bowl XXXVII painfully. I was still young and could have changed jumped off the Raiders bandwagon like a bunch of people I know did, but I refused. I remained loyal to the Raiders.

Even though Oakland has had a record of 24-72 since that loss, I am looking forward to the future like I'm sure many of you are.

Al Davis may receive a crazy amount of heat from the mainstream football audience, but he is the man who made our franchise a great one and one of the best in NFL history.

We've got a talented quarterback who will be an amazing player with the supporting cast around him. We have the best cornerback in the league and possibly one of the greatest ever. We have great depth with three capable running backs. We've got a lot of great things with this franchise, but I won't list them all as it will take a while to show how awesome the Raiders team is.

The Raiders have the best fans in the whole NFL, thanks to the Raider Nation. We bleed black and silver! Go Raiders!

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