10 Hysterical Pictures of Fans at NASCAR Races

Michael Guadalupe@The_GuadaFeatured ColumnistJuly 24, 2013

10 Hysterical Pictures of Fans at NASCAR Races

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    NASCAR has some of the most interesting fans of any sport. People from all over come to the different race tracks to cheer on their favorite driver and boo the ones that they can't stand.

    Some fans, though, take it to hysterical levels.

    Some fans will do anything to show their support, and other fans are at the track to have a good time. In some cases, alcohol is to thank for giving us these funny NASCAR fan photos.

    These 10 fans would stick out in a NASCAR crowd with their hysterical styles.

1. Party Hard, but Party Safely

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    Let's start this list off with a friendly reminder: While drinking beer at a NASCAR race can always make it more interesting, drinking too much beer can make you end up like this guy.

    We do need to give him credit, though: He was smart enough to wear a helmet while having a really good time.

2. Costume Day at the Track

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    What's sexier than a red head holding a Bud Light? A redhead holding a Bud Light dressed in a poncho and sombrero. 

    Was it costume day at the track? Or was she a little cold (hence the poncho)?

    The mustache is a nice finishing touch, and it helps bring the whole costume to a completion.

    Was this the result of too many Bud Lights or a well-planned-out event? Either way, this NASCAR fan is having a good time, and that's all that matters.

3. Grandpa Goes Punk

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    This is one cool grandpa.

    A Mohawk would be good enough, but then to kick it up a notch and get it colored like a checkered flag?

    Pure dedication from a NASCAR fan.

    I can't tell what the green is on the side of his head, but regardless, it only adds to this man's hairstyle.

4. 'Merica

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    Food must taste like sweet, sweet freedom with an American flag beard.

    And once you look past this man's excellent face paint, you'll notice the Miller Lite cowboy hat. If a Miller Lite cowboy hat isn't a clear signal that this man knows how to party, then I don't know what is.

    For standing out above the crowd and representing 'Merica in all its glory, we salute you, sir.

5. Eiffel 65, Eat Your Heart out

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    Two things come to mind in this picture. First, that is one sweet Junior Nation headpiece. And the other thing that comes to mind is one-hit wonder Eiffel 65's "Blue."

    Maybe he decided to paint his face blue to match Jr's car, or perhaps he was simply showing his sadness from not seeing his favorite driver in Victory Lane (sorry Junior Nation).

    Either way, I think all NASCAR fans can agree that he's blue da ba dee da ba da.

6. Way Too Much Mountain Dew

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    Did you think we were done, Junior Nation?

    Dale has some of the craziest fans, but I don't even know where to start with this guy.

    Why anyone would want to stick cans of Mountain Dew on their face is beyond me, but the real question is, how does he get them to stay on? Do they stick through the whole race? Or do they fall off if Dale starts to struggle?

    Either way, this guy is clearly all jacked up on Mountain Dew.

7. Coors Light Kingpin

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    There are beer hats, and then there's this fan's beer hat.

    From the Coors Light cans that align the side and back to the tap sticking out of the front, this NASCAR fan took a lot of time creating his headpiece, and he doesn't care that he looks ridiculous.

    Even the mountains on top look carefully cut out.

    I'd be even more impressed if the tap in the front worked.

8. Clowns Don't Always Bring Joy

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    Alright, so you're probably wondering what a clown is doing at a NASCAR event.

    I'm wondering the same thing.

    While Murple the clown seems to be enjoying herself, the little girl is doing everything in her power to at least try to fake a smile.

    As she questions why her parents decided to torture at the race track, her older brother seems to be enjoying himself and his sister's torment.

    Will this little race fan end up hating clowns for the rest of her life?

    Maybe, but as long as Murple didn't turn out to be like the clown from It, I'm sure this little girl walked away free of any mental scars.

9. The Beer Hat

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    Cans and headpieces seem to be a recurring theme at NASCAR events.

    The question that remains, though, is what use does this contraption have? Does it help block the sun's rays? Or is he hoping that it will distract some of the drivers as they race around the track?

    The real reason that this NASCAR fan probably did this, of course, is because he was drunk.

    Because, after all, drunk plus bored equals beer can hat.

10. Fence Climbing 101

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    Someone needs to help this guy.

    First, you have to give him credit for holding onto the fence with a beer in hand. You also need to give him props for clearly finding the closest place to watch the race. And lastly, you may want to fear for his life. This man is dangerously close to the track, but hopefully he was just trying to cling there instead of trying to climb up the fence.

    Knowing firsthand that bad decisions usually go hand-in-hand with drinking several beers, my bet is that he's trying to climb the fence, all while holding onto his beer, which takes skill.

    Bravo you, brave soul. Bravo.


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