Lindsey Vonn Poses for Vogue: Skier Talks Tiger Woods, Injury and Marriage

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 18, 2013

GULLANE, SCOTLAND - JULY 15:  Tiger Woods of the United States smiles alongside skier Lindsey Vonn ahead of the 142nd Open Championship at Muirfield on July 15, 2013 in Gullane, Scotland.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
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Most fans only catch a glimpse of Lindsey Vonn flashing downhill in a blur or walking the latest golf course to watch her boyfriend, Tiger Woods. Recently, Vonn took time out from her busy schedule to recount her past and discuss her future with Vogue magazine. 

Vogue's Jonathan Van Meter met with the famed alpine skier to discuss things like her continued rehabilitation from a terrifying injury in February and her divorce from Thomas Vonn.

Image via Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

Obviously, her relationship with Woods was a subject that was broached in the interview, and Vonn had no problem speaking her mind on Tiger, who is fighting the rough and winds at the Open Championship this weekend.

Tiger Woods 

Vonn and Woods' story starts as a great many romances do: They met as friends and continued their relationship until something far more serious blossomed. Sure, Woods may have sent a private jet to pick up an injured Vonn, but you get the point. 

In the end, a series of calls and texts led to a bombshell of an announcement to their fans with a Facebook posting in March. 

Per the Vogue interview:

“We immediately clicked, you know? It was just one of those things.” 

For several months, it was a long-distance phone and text friendship. “We talked a lot, corresponded a lot, and he was a good friend who was always there. And then it became more.”

For the moment, Vonn is just trying to get a handle on golf, a sport that mandates hours of attention—compared to her own sport, which is over in a flash. 

When he comes to watch me ski, he’s just gonna be cold. But he’ll be able to see because of the Jumbotrons. Plus, my sport is over in a matter of minutes. His is a marathon that lasts forever. This round last weekend was over five hours! But I’m getting used to it.

Vonn may only catch a shot per hole during a tournament, but she did capture—and post for fans on Facebook—quite the image this week as Woods launched a drive during a warm-up round.

It certainly seems like the relationship is making both golfer and skier extremely happy, but don't expect any surprise engagements, because Vonn has sworn off marriage. Van Meter writes, "When I ask her if marriage will ever be in the cards for her again, she grimaces: 'No, thanks! I am definitely not getting married. To anyone.'"

For now, she seems content to merely date Woods, which makes sense considering both of their trying schedules and painful past relationships. She does lend some praise for her beau in how much effort he pours into his craft, once telling him that he doesn't need to work so hard on his physique. 

His response was classic Tiger: "No, I do."

Injury comeback

Van Meter paints Vonn as someone who isn't happy unless she is on the move.

After her complex knee surgery to repair a pair of torn ligaments, it's remarkable she actually enjoyed her brief vacation from any strenuous activity. Vonn states there were two weeks where she could walk around but not do any training, and she reveled in it. 

But it's a long road from such a devastating injury. "The most painful part was before the surgery. I didn’t have any ligaments, obviously. My knee was just loosey-goosey. It was awful," she said.

Vonn continues to work so her knee can eventually withstand the extreme, allowing her to make a triumphant return to the slopes:

It’s like driving a car. People get nervous driving around corners, thinking they’re going to tip over. But you can go soooo much faster through the curves than you realize. That’s why I like watching men’s racing. I always want to try to get closer to that. You are only limited to what you push yourself to, you know? You can always get better.

We certainly hope to see her at full strength as quickly as possible, barreling around corners and flying into turns with the fearlessness that made her a star. 

Image via Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

For the time being, she is just going to enjoy life. Sure, there might not be a wedding to plan, now or anytime in the future, but she is happy. 

That should be enough for anyone. 

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