WWE Money in the Bank 2013: The 14 Things We Learned from This Year's PPV

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJuly 15, 2013

WWE Money in the Bank 2013: The 14 Things We Learned from This Year's PPV

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    I stand by the fact it is the best pay-per-view the WWE puts on after WrestleMania. And I stand behind the fact it is the second best pay-per-view the WWE puts on all year.

    Oh, the writers on Bleacher Report have so much to talk about now that the Money in the Bank event is over and SummerSlam is on the horizon.

    This is a great time to be a wrestling fan. Everyone delivered. This was undoubted the best PPV of the year, so far. A SOLID "A" if you are grading at home.

    Every match told a story. Every match had a beginning, a middle and an end. And every match leads us to a very chilling and suspenseful SummerSlam.

    All belts were retained and now Damien Sandow and Randy Orton can begin stalking Alberto Del Rio and John Cena.

    And what in the world will happen with CM Punk and Paul Heyman? And what in the world will happen with AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler?

    Here is what we learned from tonight's PPV.

The Usos Aren't Quite There Yet

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    What an awesome way to kick it off!

    Did we really think in a pay-per-view like this one, the Usos would really unseat the Hounds of Justice?

    The war paint, the look, the intensity were there. But as well all know, no one is going to beat The Shield. While they did not win the Usos are still in line to continue the feud with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns well into SummerSlam.

    The Usos took The Shield out of their game at the beginning. But there was just to much in he end of Reigns and Rollins. These two guys are everywhere.

    Spear! The Usos gave it a great go, and the action was intense. As JBL said, "It is their yard."

    The Usos cannot win the titles if The Shield have them around their waists.

Big Show Is Great at Analysis

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    I personally love when we hear what Big Show has to say.

    He is entertaining, engaging. He makes points that are great and could be a wonderful addition to the announce table when he hangs it up.

    Big Show has been off camera for some time and I would have thought he might be the seventh wrestler in the MITB All Star match to replace Kane.

    It did not happen.

    But his comments alone added to the show.

World Title Ladder Match Doesn't Disappoint

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    I love the idea the ladder match kicked things off.

    And it lived up to everything it should be.

    All seven wrestlers were in rare form. Rhodes Scholars and the Real Americans were great and would have made for a tremendous feud. But that is not meant to be.

    If there was any doubt this would be a great pay-per-view, it was disposed of with this match. It was awesome.

    And the Bionic Elbow on the ladder.

    There is something about the ladder match we all love.

Sandow Trumps Rhodes

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    There is no brotherly love in Philadelphia. 

    Just when Cody Rhodes knocked out almost everyone in the match for the World Heavyweight Title Ladder Match, his "best friend:" knocks him off the ladder and takes the title.

    JBL is right, he would have knocked Ron Simmons off the ladder to get the contract for a title.

    Does this lead to a face turn for Cody Rhodes?

    We sure hope so.

Vickie Guerrero Needs to Get Revenge

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    I want to see Vickie Guerrero get her revenge in the worst way.

    Brad Maddox should be the object of her revenge.

    I see a match in the future between the two. While it would be a real disaster, for some reason, I really feel sorry for her.

    If she doesn't get her pound of flesh, maybe Ryback does.

Axel Wins... Do We Care?

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    He won a match without his manager, Paul Heyman. Do we really care that Curtis Axel retained his Intercontinental Title?

    This was a better match than I thought, but seriously I am not concerned with Axel facing The Miz or Chris Jericho. If there is to be a real match in the future, then Axel will be involved in a match with CM Punk. 

    All this match did was prove Axel could reverse a figure four leg lock and the third generation wrestler will go into SummerSlam as the champion.

The Black Widow Rocks!

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    Again, this feud delivered.

    I haven't seen a move or submission hold by a woman in the same amount punishment as AJ's "Black Widow."

    It is purely awesome.

    Kudos to the divas on the mat for putting on a great show. This is a feud that needs to continue well i to the summer. It has legs and there are some many ways the WWE can take this battle and run with it.

    It is so vicious. I see it having the lasting effect on the Divas Division like Lita and Trish did over the years.

Ryback Finally Wins

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    This was actually better than I thought it would be.

    Ryback beat Jericho, which we all knew would happen. Loss after loss after loss. It was too much for Ryback's character to sustain. 

    Jericho is the go-to guy if you want to get over or have to win to save face.

    There was actually some artistry in this match.

    It may continue, or Ryback may move on to another angle.

Summer Rae Was Missed

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    Just throwing this in here. Call it a halftime intermission.

    We just love Summer Rae.

    Now back to the action.

The End of the Dolph/AJ Era

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    Nooo! This is not the way this match should have gone.

    This was an awesome match. She thought she was going to help her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler win the World Title.

    You've got be kidding me.

    This wasn't how I figured AJ and Dolph would end their relationship, but a whole can of worms were just opened. Alberto Del Rio is still champion. Ziggler lost and this will cement Ziggler's run as a face.

    This will also lead to a Ziggler/Langston feud.

    By losing the title, this just made Ziggler an even bigger fan in the eyes of the WWE Universe.

Superman Wins Again

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    You knew how this was going to go! We knew Mark Henry would beat the hell out of John Cena for the first part of the match.

    I also thought this match would be a lot like Henry and Randy Orton. Orton fought valiantly and in the end, Henry would win and win the World Title.

    This was not the case. Cena wins the match and now moves on to SummerSlam. Does Henry get a rematch or do the creative writers move on to Cena and another opponent?

Rob Van Dam Can Still Deliver

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    As soon as he got into the ring, Van Dam was a machine. And while there are "segments" in this type of match, Van Dam was the favorite in Philly.

    I was worried he would come in and be a little off, but Van Dam still can deliver. This will be a great thing for the WWE.

    "Mr. Monday Night" is here to stay.

Heyman Turns on Punk!

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    We knew this would happen, just did not know when it would happen.

    A bloody CM Punk was hammered first by Curtis Axel and then by Paul Heyman.

    What happens with Brock Lesnar? What happens with Axel? Heyman said he wanted Punk to win the briefcase. 

    I guess we wait to see what happens Monday night.

The Viper Strikes

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    On Friday night, they talked abut how Randy Orton was desperate.

    He isn't anymore. Randy Orton is Mr. Money in the Bank.

    This is a great move by the WWE. While the match was one of the greatest of all time, the story telling in this match was superb.

    And there will be plenty of action for Monday Night Raw as we deal with the fallout from the main event.


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