Athletes Killin' It on Vine

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterJuly 10, 2013

Athletes Killin' It on Vine

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    It appears that the video app Vine may have already experienced its best weeks since its debut a year ago and being swallowed by Twitter shortly thereafter. Since the rollout of Instagram's competing video app in June, the number of people using the quirky creator of six-second loops has dwindled.

    But that doesn't mean that over the past year there haven't been some great Vine maestros out there, including more than a few athletes.

    From awesome to bad to awesomely bad, you can't help but be a little impressed by what six short seconds can inspire. Twitter has already established itself as a game-changer when it comes to giving fans a window into the lives of star athletes, so video apps like Vine are pushing the limits even further.

    Among the Vine enthusiasts in sports, there is a group of clear standouts and reliable users of the app—athletes who are killin' it on Vine, before Instagram actually kills the app.

Josh Reddick, Oakland Athletics

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    Killin’ it on Vine: Josh Reddick, Oakland Athletics
    Vine/Twitter ID:

    A's freshly bearded outfielder Josh Reddick has perfected the art of faithfully capturing unadulterated snark in handy Vine nuggets. While he's posted some real charmers (like playing with his adorable dog), he's taken to lecturing the unseen viewer and/or shaming the unsuspecting target.

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

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    Killin’ it on Vine: Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
    Vine/Twitter ID:

    Earlier this year Curry began using Vine to wreak havoc on his family, friends, teammates, NBA rivals and, of course, his Twitter followers. Though the app only allows you to record six seconds of video, Curry has no problem being hilariously menacing. In between the shenanigans, he even found time to get fans in on the action.

Andre Drummond, Detroit Pistons

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    Killin’ it on Vine: Andre Drummond, Detroit Pistons
    Vine/Twitter ID:

    Even if Drummond wasn't assembling a goofy montage of his life out of teeny, tiny increments, he would be killin' it on Vine. The reason? He sent Chris Brown a stern crotch-a-gram to Brown's face via dunk and posted it on Vine; that's killin' it at life.

Glen Davis, Orlando Magic

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    Killin’ it on Vine: Glen Davis, Orlando Magic
    Vine/Twitter ID:

    There's only so much you can do in a few seconds, but Davis has proven that giving your audience the crazy eyes doubles the entertainment value of whatever else is happening on Vine. This particular video is almost hypnotic. I found myself watching it, slack-jawed, and completely lost track of time.

Brad Wing, Philadelphia Eagles

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    Killin’ it on Vine: Brad Wing, Philadelphia Eagles
    Vine/Twitter ID:

    While some athletes have found Vine to be adept at broadcasting their antics, punter Brad Wing offers a collection of oddly peaceful and poetic moments in his life. Well, as poetic as a punter's life can be.

Nate Robinson, Chicago Bulls

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    Killin’ it on Vine: Nate Robinson, Chicago Bulls
    Vine/Twitter ID:

    Remember that time when you figured out that if you stopped recording with your parents' camcorder and then added/removed people and things from the shot—and then started recording again—they magically poorly appeared out of nowhere? Bulls point guard Nate Robinson is reliving that moment. 

Jan Vesely, Washington Wizards

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    Killin’ it on Vine: Jan Vesely, Washington Wizards
    Vine/Twitter ID:

    I'm always amazed when people find a way to circumvent the limits imposed by social media apps like Vine and Twitter, not just work around them, but make the final result look great. If I tried any part of this—from the video to the shooting drill itself—the whole thing would be a disaster.

Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs

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    Killin’ it on Vine: Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs
    Vine/Twitter ID:

    Sometimes, life is at its best when a hibachi chef pushes an onion around a grill like it's a railroad train. "Lol" indeed, Mr. Charles. He's such a Vine junkie that the Chiefs did a collection of his best posts.

Blair Walsh, Minnesota Vikings

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    Killin’ it on Vine: Blair Walsh, Minnesota Vikings
    Vine/Twitter ID:

    I'm not sure whether it's because punters have lots of free time on their hands or are just inherently Vine savants, but Blair Walsh is the second to make this list. The man who gave the Vikings an excuse to say goodbye to the outspoken Chris Kluwe is a wizard with the app.

Paul Bissonnette, Phoenix Coyotes

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    Killin’ it on Vine: Paul Bissonnette, Phoenix Coyotes
    Vine/Twitter ID: 

    Harassing parking attendants while obviously videoing the incident, sending adorable little puppies into a tizzy and just generally being hilarious, Bissonnette's clips are required viewing. Though, I imagine his loved ones are a little less enthusiastic.

Lolo Jones, Olympic Bobsledder and Hurdler

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    Killin’ it on Vine: Lolo Jones, Olympic bobsledder and hurdler
    Vine/Twitter ID:

    When someone old declares, "Why would anyone want to look at videos of a bunch of strangers on the Internet?", this is what they were talking about. Hey, there's more than one way to kill it with Vine—hearing Jones complain about her paycheck is the worst.

Donte Stallworth, Washington Redskins

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    Killin’ it on Vine: Donte Stallworth, Washington Redskins
    Vine/Twitter ID: 

    You can never watch "way too much" Dexter. Stallworth is simply using Vine to express his love for a great show about a fictional killer, so, in this way, he is killin' it.

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Killin’ it on Vine: Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder
    Vine/Twitter ID:

    Now this is what a video app like Vine was designed for: star athletes singing along to Taylor Swift. It's almost like the world is hazing Westbrook, but he's doing it completely of his own accord. Unfortunately, the Vine app he used wasn't cooperative; ol' faithful YouTube wins the day.

Andrew Ference, Edmonton Oilers

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    Killin’ it on Vine: Andrew Ference, Edmonton Oilers
    Vine/Twitter ID:

    Ference's stop-motion effect is not only baller, but it also truly illustrates why big, scraggly beards are far inferior to a nice, clean-shaven face. Outside of hockey, of course.

D.J. Williams, Green Bay Packers

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    Killin’ it on Vine: D.J. Williams, Green Bay Packers
    Vine/Twitter ID: @dj45williams

    If nothing else, Vine showed the world that dudes yelling at random women is a very real form of flirting that knows no status or class in our society. Williams is so Spongebob Squarepants-level happy in this video that I'm surprised she didn't "show [him] that thang."