Tyler Hansbrough Doesn't Exactly Sound Thrilled to Join Toronto Raptors

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistJuly 17, 2013

In a little over a month, Tyler Hansbrough went from a team that made the Eastern Conference Finals in 2013 to the Toronto Raptors. He doesn't seem very psyched about it.

After the Indiana Pacers rescinded his qualifying offer, the Raptors picked up Hansbrough on a two-year deal with their eyes set on being fringe playoff contenders.

As the Raptors introduced their new energy-producing forward, they had him give a quick introduction to the fans. In just six quick seconds, Hansbrough showed off the pain that filled his soul.

His always-expressive eyes seemed to hold back tears as his head shook nervously and his voice quivered.

Finally, Hansbrough finished things up with a violent blink while pursing his lips in a look that gave off sorrow, anger and just a hint of shame.

That's the face of a man who went from a third-place finisher to a 10th-place Eastern Conference squad in the blink of an eye.

It's not that Hansbrough wasn't productive for the Pacers, it's just that they found somebody who could add more to their team.

Instead of re-signing Hansbrough, who averaged seven points on 43 percent shooting, Indiana added Chris Copeland to their bench. Copeland gives them a similar-sized forward who adds offensive diversity, shooting 48 percent from the floor and 42 percent from the three-point line.

Being replaced is one thing, but having nowhere else to go but backward in terms of team success looks to be more painful than we could have imagined.

Buck up, Hansbrough, at least Toronto's a pretty cool city. 

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