Awesome Videos of Athletes Before You Were Born

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJuly 5, 2013

Awesome Videos of Athletes Before You Were Born

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    As a sports fan, it's easy for all of us to think we've seen and heard it all.

    Jordan's game-winner against Georgetown to win the '82 national title. Montana's pass to Dwight Clark in the NFC Championship Game. And many more that the highlight reels give to us on a daily basis.

    But since there isn't even footage of Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point game out there, it's clear that we haven't seen everything before.

    That's why I'm giving you these badass videos.

Cheryl Miller Goes Triple Digits

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    I feel like we're cheating you by not getting the raw footage of Miller's insane 105-point night back in 1982 for her high school squad Riverside Poly (Calf.).

    But I'd kick myself if I didn't mention the greatest women's basketball player ever, at least giving everyone an understanding of how dominant she really was.

Rodney Mullen Doesn't Get 'Board'

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    Though the YouTube poster titled it wrong—instead saying it's about Tony Hawk—the skills Mullen used to have were pretty crazy.

    Most of us know Hawk has become the absolute godfather of skateboarding, but while he was soaring on half pipes in Cali, Mullen was doing his thing on the street in Florida, as he's often credited for creating numerous tricks any true skater uses today.

Mark Spitz Was Always Golden

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    Before there was Michael Phelps, the swimming world was in awe by Spitz, who won seven gold medals just a year after taking home the NCAA 200-fly title while swimming at Indiana University.

    This Hoosier's Olympic record may have been beaten by Phelps in 2008, but it would have been pretty cool to see the first guy to do it.

Dave Winfield Was Multi-Talented

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    This video basically highlights Dave Winfield's entire Hall of Famer career, so there are parts of it that really make our jaws drop in amazement.

    For being 6'6", he sure displayed a ton of athleticism, but we should probably expect that considering he was drafted four different times, by the Hawks and Jazz of the NBA and by the Vikings of the NFL—despite the fact that he never even played college football.

Joe Leads the Domers

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    Montana is easily a top-three QB in NFL history thanks to his four Super Bowl titles and numerous big-game moments.

    But by retiring in 1995, many of us either didn't see or don't remember some of the miraculous things this guy did while on a football field.

    This 22-point fourth-quarter comeback against Houston in the 1979 Cotton Bowl should definitely help us realize his magic.

Larry and Magic Team Up

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    Magic Johnson and Larry Bird have always been joined at the hip, giving us one of the best friendly rivalries in sports.

    From their classic NCAA title game in 1979—where Magic led his Michigan State squad past Bird's Indiana State team—to their classic battles throughout the '80s in the NBA Finals, few of us really remember these two while still in their glory years.

    This video helps a little though, as they found themselves on the same team back in 1978 for Team USA.

    The two were also reunited on the '92 "Dream Team," giving us even more linkage between the basketball Hall of Famers.

Bob Gibson Fans Them

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    Though the single-game strikeout record has since been broken by a couple guys (now at 20), we've probably all heard stories of the great Cardinals hurler as being one of the most talented pitchers in major league history.

    In case your dad and grandpa telling you all about it wasn't enough, watch this video of Bob Gibson to see what all the hype was about.

Arnie and Jack Go Head-to-Head

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    These two golf icons had a storied rivalry, and their mano-a-mano showdown at the 1967 U.S. Open was one of the greatest.

    Sure, there are the watered-down versions of these two when on the Senior Tour and playing a couple rounds at the major tourneys, but it's nothing like when they were the best in the biz.

Pele Conquers the World

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    Like others on this list, Pele is one of those athletes who we have all heard about but unfortunately never had the chance to see live.

    His performance against Sweden in the '58 Cup Final—at just age 17—helped establish him as one of the world's rising stars before leading Brazil to two more titles (1962 and 1970) to etch his name in the history books as the greatest ever.

Herschel 'Walks' Across the Goal Line

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    Former Georgia Bulldog Herschel Walker may be a trained MMA fighter now, but before he stepped inside the Octagon, fans were able to marvel at what the enormous back could do with the pigskin in his hands.

    Many of us never got the chance to actually see the former great UGA player, instead just hearing about the enormous trade he was involved in. But before Adrian Peterson, there was Herschel.

Babe Calls It

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    The legend of Babe Ruth famously calling his shot in Wrigley Field during the 1932 World Series is one of baseball's greatest stories.

    And though we can watch movies like The Babe that help us get a better sense of the man, there's no word-of-mouth tale that can do the man justice quite like a video can.

    He's the "Babe." What else needs to be said?

Wilt Chamberlain Has Some Hops

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    I mentioned how upsetting it is that Wilt Chamberlain's infamous 100-point explosion doesn't have any live footage, but luckily, the cameras were rolling for other feats he accomplished.

    Standing at 7'1", it's absolutely nuts that "the Stilt" could be as nimble as he was, but seeing this video shows the guy was an absolute freak of an athlete.

Jackie Robinson Does It All

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    Though I'm guessing a lot of us have seen this video of Robinson stealing home, I had to add the man who broke MLB's color barrier because of the other sports he played.

    If available, it would be great to see him excelling at both basketball, track and football while in college at UCLA, where he averaged an insane 12.2 yards per carry as a Bruins halfback while becoming the school's first four-sport letter winner

Jordan Breaks Glass

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    Michael Jordan might have turned 50 this year, but that doesn't mean the guy still can't hop.

    Though he may have lost some spring, this video of the "Airman" ripping down the rim off the backboard showed what he did best.

    MJ was more of a finesse player, so it's crazy to see him shatter the glass like big man Darryl Dawkins used to.

Jim Brown Plays the Sticks

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    Jim Brown may be considered to be one of the greatest running backs of all time, so most of us know that he was also an incredible all-around athlete, lettering in football, basketball, track and dominating lacrosse while in college at Syracuse.

    As memorable as it would have been to see him run over guys on the gridiron, it would have been even more rare to see him as a lax bro.

Bill Russell Soars

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    The greatest champion in NBA history, Bill Russell may best be known for his defensive prowess—along with winning a record 11 NBA titles—but lest we all forget, the dude was still pretty damn athletic.

    If this video doesn't show off his first-class flying skills, we're not sure there's another one that will.

    He looks like a damn eagle out there on the planks.