Koji Uehara: Orioles' Offense Wastes Great Pitching

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IMay 6, 2009

BALTIMORE - APRIL 8:  Koji Uehara #19 of the Baltimore Orioles pitches against the New York Yankees at Camden Yards April 8, 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

There is certain finality to the Orioles struggles, despite the mastery of Koji Uehara on the mound.

On the one hand, the team is beginning to turn the tide on what appeared to be a solid season, embracing the mediocrity that has solidly replaced Orioles magic over the last few years.

On the other hand, the Orioles have found an ace in Uehara, capable of confusing lineups and dominating games. For the next few years, he will be the Orioles’ pitching star.

But, you begin to wonder if there is enough star power in the hitting lineup to supplement his defensive prowess.

A career-high eight strikeouts in just over six innings shows you what kind of talent K.U. brings, but despite this gem of a game, it is his third-straight loss, thanks to a lack of guile in the batter’s box from the O offense.

At least with Uehara, the Oriole hitters know coming in that three or four runs can get the job done that day.

Baltimore has up-and-coming talent, but it's not quite here yet. Matt Wieters is on the way, young pitching is on the way. The best parts of the Orioles seem to be perpetually "on the way."

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But what happens when the best part of your pitching staff, isn’t getting the help he deserves?