Brett Favre Replaces Rex Grossman As Bears QB

Jimmy MacAnalyst IApril 8, 2008

Brett Favre hasn't signed his retirement papers with NFL management yet... it could happen, right? Brett Favre as the Chicago Bears QB? Wouldn't that be a dream come true? Certain rumors circulating about Favre's re-emergence as a QB for another team—possibly the Bears—tend to point in that direction.

You would think so...

But here's the first article you would read after Favre's first start as the Bears starting QB in week one of the 2008 season:

Brett Favre walked off the field tonight knowing he'd done something he's only done a few rare times in his career—lose at Solider Field. Only this time he did it donning a Chicago Bears uniform.

Favre's efforts were true, but he threw up three INT's and only one TD, getting sacked five times as his line collapsed and Benson proved to be the inefficient pass blocker we all knew he was two years ago.

Brandon Lloyd dropped two for sure TD passes and Marty Booker showed his age, catching only three passes for 27 yards.

Favre's legacy seems to have taken a turn for the worst as he felt the sting of a team who has a reputation for turning on its QB at a moment's notice.

One man, who I'm sure enjoyed watching tonight's game, sat on the opposite end of the spectrum. Earlier today, in an afternoon game featuring the Packers and Lions, Grossman, whom Chicago traded to Green Bay for Favre, threw for two TD's and over 300 yards.

Grossman's missing link all along in Chicago had been an offensive line and running game, which Green Bay's huge linemen and star running back Ryan Grant seemed to make up in a hurry.

It seems that Chicago is at it again, basing the hopes of a team on the shoulders of a QB when in reality, it was the entire offense that needed a revamp. Anyone could have seen this coming with the Bears' lack of activity in the offseason in which they let solid running backs like Michael Turner and star wide receivers like Dante Stalworth slip through their fingers. This is especially disappointing when you figure they were one of the 13 teams that sat $30 million under the cap.

Welcome to Chicago, Brett Favre, it will be the worst mistake of your life.

This article is to hopefully open the eyes of Bear fans who seem to think they can pinpoint all our mistakes to the play of the QB. Look back at Tom Brady in the past year's Superbowl XLII—he posted worse stats than Rex Grossman did against the same Giant's defense weeks earlier. Take his line away—and he becomes surprisingly human.

I wrote this article because the Bears are getting a lot of mouth for their inactive offseason behavior—as they should. But come game time, if the scene hasn't changed much, and the Bears become "who we thought they were" again, we all know who will get booed off the field... not Jerry Angelo, not Lovie Smith—Rex Grossman will, and it's ridiculous.

Rex: I really hope your "new-found" line, P.O.S running back and "upgraded" receiving corps can jump into high gear and actually give you a decent offense to run.

If not, we both know that Chicago will point the finger at you and only you even when it's apparent that it's not your fault.  


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